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How to solve conflicts regarding children

Many times we get questions from parents regarding daily situations in their children`s lives. Here is one of these questions we received on our fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook. We have also shared a relevant incident in our own life at the end of this article. Question: Hello, I’ve been thinking a lot about […]

There are always other solutions…

No matter how consciously we live, sometime accidents do happen when children are involved. So how can we collaborate with the health-professionals in such instances ? We have experienced this – and created a win-win situation :   When Leopold Light was 2 years old -another incident showed us how conscious and intelligent he was […]

Home made toys

      Our experience is that children get more in contact with nature and their senses, when they are in touch with natural material. We have no plastic-toys in our home. Leopold prefers homemade toys, and he has now a large collection. They really are his best friends and he treats them very carefully. […]

The new children- Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children and Star Children.

“Indigo Children are bright, intuitive, strong-willed and sometimes self-destructive individuals. They are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, because they will not adapt to the established laws and regulations” Quote from the book: The care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue A new type of children has arrived Earth, it is said. It […]

The “Ildhus”that became classroom

      “Mom- I would like to have school in the ildhus “ – Leopold says one summer day, sitting on the steps by the cottage enjoying hot oat-gruel in his pyjamas, in the light of the evening sun. “Can we do that?”, asks the 3 year old. Mom says: “Yes, that sounds nice” […]

Baking Blueberry-Muffins

    Children love to help with housework. Which is a great gift for the development of their independence, self-esteem, confidence and intelligence. At the same time it increases the ability to see and understand where EVERYTHING comes from. Leopold shines of joy when he scrubs potatoes before dinner. He proudly cuts the potatoes and […]


Leopold is 3 years old. He can write, read, and he can add and substract up to 20 Leopold loves English. He knows what the body is made of. He will tell you, like a trained doctor, if he is asked. He can say : “The heart pumps blood around in the body. When we […]

Our outstanding results with Leopold

    We want to share this to show the potential that all children have, NOT to compete or “ feel superior” compared with other parents! We know that you parents out there do the best you can for your children, and the intention with this information is to inspire and expand your concept of […]

How to teach your baby to read

From our note on Facebook:   Few parents in the world are aware of the fact that the best time to learn for a child is between 0-5 years. You can actually teach your baby to read, and both parents and baby will have fun with this. The American Psychologist and Brainresearcher Glenn Doman has […]