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Children are Mankinds Precious Gifts – does the society value them ?

The newborn baby is looking out, ready to embrace the wonderful world, a new life.     The baby is coming from a place free of limitations, materialism, violence and war. He is enveloped in a glow of safety, unconditional love, the light and the freedom to be…himself. The devoted love a baby brings to […]


Leopold is 3 years old. He can write, read, and he can add and substract up to 20 Leopold loves English. He knows what the body is made of. He will tell you, like a trained doctor, if he is asked. He can say : “The heart pumps blood around in the body. When we […]

Our outstanding results with Leopold

    We want to share this to show the potential that all children have, NOT to compete or “ feel superior” compared with other parents! We know that you parents out there do the best you can for your children, and the intention with this information is to inspire and expand your concept of […]

How to teach your baby to read

From our note on Facebook:   Few parents in the world are aware of the fact that the best time to learn for a child is between 0-5 years. You can actually teach your baby to read, and both parents and baby will have fun with this. The American Psychologist and Brainresearcher Glenn Doman has […]