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Speak to children in a kind way

      Author: Jesper Juul, Denmark Scolding is a vicious circle which is initiated by adults, and makes both adult and child  doubt their value as human beings. Recently I spent a few days at a large hotel by the Adriatic Sea. There I had the opportunity to observe how the average European parents […]

About our beliefs and our lifestyle

We are thinkers and philosophers. We believe that all people have the truth in their own heart, and that every person is unique, has great potential and an important contribution to give to humanity and Mother Earth.     All people have actually incarnated on the earth to express their individuality and joy. We believe […]

The “Ildhus”that became classroom

      “Mom- I would like to have school in the ildhus “ – Leopold says one summer day, sitting on the steps by the cottage enjoying hot oat-gruel in his pyjamas, in the light of the evening sun. “Can we do that?”, asks the 3 year old. Mom says: “Yes, that sounds nice” […]

Baking Blueberry-Muffins

    Children love to help with housework. Which is a great gift for the development of their independence, self-esteem, confidence and intelligence. At the same time it increases the ability to see and understand where EVERYTHING comes from. Leopold shines of joy when he scrubs potatoes before dinner. He proudly cuts the potatoes and […]