Children make us think !!!!


children and animal love

children and animal love

By The Founders of conscious parenting on Facebook – Pearl Shanti and Andiran Lodur-Lionheart.

There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
It is all about what WORKS
When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
When you live your life in BLISS
You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

For many years children have asked us this question:

“Why do we kill to survive ?
Do we have to eat meat ?
What is meat ?
Why do the animals have to die – so we can eat ?
IF we LOVE animals – why eat them ? “

Children are thinkers – they are philosophers and have a deeper contact with their body, feelings and intuition than we adults usually have.
What has saddened us to observe is how strongly adults react when children question their choices and decisions and what is important in LIFE.
Far too often the question is hushed up with explanations intending to convince the child and a fear to let go of what the child is questioning.
Grown ups may say that the native Indians and aboriginals are very spiritual people – and that they consume meat in “ A VERY RESPECTFUL WAY “ – following that is must be both right and spiritual….
“ So please stop this nonsense and eat your chop ! “

It is more important for the parent to hold on to the conviction than listening to his own body – and least of all listen to what the child is sharing about his own body and thoughts.

This summer many teenagers have been visiting us, and they have shared their feelings.
They feel it is very frustrating not to be seen for who they are.
They tell their parents that they no longer will eat animals – a being with a beating heart, eyes that see and a brain that thinks.

They are laughed at and mocked by the grown ups, who say things like:

- You kill the lettuce too !
- Then you can eat animals – they do not have brains to think with!
- Such nonsense !
- You live here – and have to eat what is served !
- You can choose when you are 18 !

If we do not take their questions seriously – do we respect our children then ?

This summer a teenager girl asked us when the adults were going to grow up.
She said:

“ They have forgotten to be children – yet they do not act like adults – they are in between somewhere. They seem to be like a robot – without feelings – and who is not able to do anything besides what it is programmed to do. “

Why do children ask these questions ?

It makes you think, doesn`t it ?

We think these questions are fantastic !

If you have been eating meat your whole life and enjoy it – there is nothing wrong with that. Celebrate your choices.
Yet – one day you might receive a message from within. Your body simply wakes up one morning and refuse to eat more animal products.
This happened with me, Pearl Shanti.
Suddenly I saw a deeper meaning with life- and EVERYTHING living.

During my whole childhood I asked the same questions as the ones we were asked this summer.
I come from a butcher`s family with Italian bloodlines – where food and family means EVERYTHING.
There was ALWAYS healthy and FRESH GOURMET food on the table.
But for me – eating meat was just not right….

So I know very well how it is to be a child with a deep inner contact – being “forced” to eat something which feels unnatural.
I was mostly respected in my childhood – and the table was always abundant with fruits, vegetables and nuts…as long as I ate a LITTLE meat, anyway.
I continued with this as I grew into adulthood.

But 15 years ago – when my oldest boy was conceived, this changed. When I was pregnant – I had dreams at night and visions in the daytime, where he told me that he wanted to live in his new body as a vegetarian.
After that first conversation with my son – my life changed completely.
It was easy to stop –because I previously had just tasted a little meat at family dinners on rare occasions.
So imagine the challenge being educated as a French Gourmet Chef ???

I became more and more conscious and I went through a period of a powerful personal growth.
To be sure I had stood out throughout the years – with my spirituality, healing abilities and being a health freak.

But there is more to it than that….

Everything is a step in the development process.

As a meat eater(which we learn from our parents) we wake up one day and become a vegetarian.

Later we feel it is right to become a vegan.

All the time our body tell us the next step, the next level of consciousness.

Some choose to become raw foodists, focusing on living foods or becoming fruitarian.
Some think that this is the highest level of consciousness , but it is only a rung on a long ladder.
We may choose to “jump” the whole ladder at once, if the body allows it. Or we may choose one rung at the time – following the body`s needs – which are the opposite of the ego.

Our body will tell us the next step – if we really LISTEN.

The next step is to live on LIGHT –prana.

Something which is unfamiliar in the western societies , but well known in India.
We nourish ourselves on our inner LIGHT, BREATH and only focus on EVERYTHING POSITIVE.
The level of consciousness is now enormous.

But there is more…

The next level is to live on LIGHT, prana – without water.

Are there still more levels of consciousness ?

Yes indeed, many more…

When we lived in India we lived close to Sri Aurobindo`s ashram. Nearby was a wide river. Lowered in the water, a yogi was sitting with a stone anchor tied around his waist.
We could see his movements when he changed his position now and then. When we left he had been sitting there for 3 months.

Many think that this MUST BE A HOAX. Maybe we had thought so too –unless we hadn`t witnessed it ourselves.

Oftentimes we get the following question:

“Everything is living – so what is the difference between a leaf of lettuce and a chicken ? “

We usually give two answers at the same time :


Because everything is ALIVE and a part of our consciousness process on the path to enlightenment .
Yet –the feelings of an animal and ourselves are closer to each other from a soul perspective.
At the same time I have been so lucky to see into the plant kingdom where they live with a cellular intelligence surpassing that of animals and humans.
And plants give us more than food. Without the plants we would not have existed. They create the air that we pollute – the air that we and our children breathe.
They are very much alive – and it is not more “right” to eat them than the animals. Yet they contribute on the next step of awakening . A connecting link between living on meat and living on LIGHT .

In India we made a funny discovery. There was this green little bush called “Touch me not”. This bush proves that plants have FEELINGS.
As soon it is touched – it withdraws….

This is something our family respects – in our process of awakening.
We have one vegetarian, one fruititonist, raw foodists and one who has mastered living on LIGHT.
We do not critize each other`s decisisons.
In our home the food is served according to our specific choice.

In Italy there is this an amazing ashram , near Torino, where they have researched on the frequencies of plants and the the love frequency they send out to people in form of colour, light and tones. This has been recorded and it is easy to hear the song of the plants.

The Welsh Plant Medicine Healer Colin Kingshott sells CD`s with the healing music from plants.
Many children are able to see animal spirits and plant spirits and their beauty. They can hear them as well.
This is why children are questioning our robot-like and sleepy habits.
It is all about different forms and levels of consciousness – WE ARE ALL

We are ONE with the ANIMAL KINGDOM !
We are ONE with the PLANT KINGDOM !
We can choose to respect ALL LIFE FORMS !

Again, we need not feel guilty for eating meat. Yet – we ask you to be open when a child tells you that she doesn`t like to eat meat. We do because it is a habit….children may easily form new and better habits, because they are closer to source and have a stronger contact with their body temples.

Yes – the plants have feelings – and they also give their life.
Receive Mother Earth`s gifts of abundance with HONOUR,RESPECT AND HUMILITY.

Give thanks to each tomato!
Give thanks to each lettuce leaf !
Hug a tree, become grounded and receive healing!
Everything lives !

How can we live on LIGHT ?

The answer is that we have EVERYTHING WITHIN.

There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
It is all about what WORKS
When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
When you live your life in BLISS
You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

All the time we are in the magical valley of transformation where there is a ladder waiting for ALL of us – if we are willing to see.
Some climb the rungs with care – others with full openness.
The children knew about this valley all the time.
And when we make excuses – we pull them away from the Valley of Truth….

So the question is:

How do we answer this question – when the child has his/her own truth within ?

Respectfully and humbly shared with LOVE

Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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We could write an entire book on this subject – and it is difficult to cover everything in an article.

In fact, we have been asked if we can write a book about this – and we have now decided that this is the beginning of an ebook – and if you want to take part in this ebook with questions, sharings and solutions – or contribute in one way or another – please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

We are waiting for you !!!


44 Responses to “Children make us think !!!!”

  1. Lara Taylor says:

    Dear Pearl Shanti and Andiran,

    Crikey!! And how I enjoy interacting with you guys. I’m blown away. You’re article answers questions I’ve been asking for a while .. though it does seem to state that vegetarianism etc is a more enlightened way of living.

    So tell me, perhaps, why one of the Highest Consciousnesses on the Planet, the Dalai Lama, eats meat (ref: his autobiography).

    And whether it is possible at all that our intent is more important here than the food we put in our mouths.

    This is a lovely issue to explore with you. There is a grand paradox here, for sure. Lovely to open it up.

    Have a wonderful day up there. I’m intrigued. How many hours of daylight do you guys get? And what do you do with your days in the dark? (no crypticness there intended!)

    Lots of love,


  2. Lara Taylor says:


    And why on earth would we want to live on Light when there’s chocolate on the table?


  3. Samantha says:

    Thank you very much for such an informative article!
    Food is one of the main concern of a lot of people (including me) and there aren’t enough “proper” advices available…
    So please write a book, there are still many questions to answer… Just a little e-book would do, ok?

    Much love,


    PS: I agree with Lara, chocolate > yummy!!!

  4. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Lara !

    We really do LOVE your amazing feedback !

    And your wise questions !
    First we want to answer your last question – it made us laugh out loud !…lol…..
    Yes – I really thought I was going to miss chocolate – raw, organic chocolate – and it is so healthy too – one of the superfoods ! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm there is nothing better than this , at least so I thought.


    It is of course difficult to explain – it has to be experienced – yet I will try.
    When I went over to living on Light – I did this because my body told me …I didn`t know for how long – it just felt right to do it !
    Our bodies are completely capable to create amrita – the nectar of life.
    When we are focused totally within – this nectar is pouring out of the pineal gland in the brain – and behind the palate.
    This is a golden, warm floating nectar – sweet as honey – with a wonderful taste of all the meadows in the world – and more than the most expensive confectionary – filling you with a high vibration frequency – filling every cell in the body. It is the nectar of eternal life!

    And it is way beyond chocolate !–Wayyyy beyond – my friend ! ;)

    And this amrita is only available when we live on Light – it is a spiritual reward !

    With all respect to Dalai Lama:
    As mentioned in the article, there are many levels of consciousness. It is of course possible to eat meat and have a high consciousness, many people on this planet do. As we mention in the article, when we let go of the meat , we become even more conscious.

    Our intent is of course important – yet we are what we eat…these two things influence each other, it depends on how far we want to go on our spiritual path in this lifetime….it is better to eat meat with positive thoughts than to eat meat with negative thoughts…yet if we let go of the meat we will go even further…

    Many wise sages live like yogis and live secluded and in anonymity. Some of them are hundreds of years – even thousands. And they will never step forth on CNN. They stay away from the busy world – and have only a few close disciples – this is well-known in India.
    Among many is Bhartriji in Rajastan in India – you can read about him in the book “Breaking the death habit” by Leonard Orr.

    Yes , we live in the land of the midnight sun.
    However, there are big differences from where we live and for instance Northern Norway – in the wintertime. Up there it is completely darkness in the winter – and midnightsun in the summer.
    Here with us in the south we have the sun until 4 pm in the winter – in January. And in the summertime we have the sun until 11.30 pm – and it is not completely dark in the night.
    WE are outside in nature the whole year, and we are absorbing vitamin D….

    We feel so honoured , Lara – for your enlightened questions !
    Thank you for being on this path of LOVE with us all !

    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  5. redaktør says:

    Ooooh – thank you sooo much, Samantha !

    Yes -we would LOVE to write a book – it looks as if we should do that !
    Do you have any specific questions that you would have us answer ?
    We would love to !

    Regarding chocolate – we have answered below – and we agree with you – it is yummi …
    But there is more !

    WE feel so honoured that we have found each other again , Samantha – stay in touch !

    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  6. redaktør says:

    This morning Pearl Shanti woke up with this message in her heart which we added in the article above. We know you will LOVE it, Lara !:

    There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
    It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
    It is all about what WORKS
    When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
    When you live your life in BLISS
    You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
    Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

  7. Samantha says:

    Hi dear Pearl Shanti and Andiran,

    I read about Amrita once before from a channeled message, there are so many wonderful things to improve and simplify out life, we just need to be ready! But being ready however isn’t that simple for everybody and I’m struggling a bit…
    I wish I could like healthy chocolate but I love the very milky, sweet, even better (worse) biscuity… I wasn’t always like that, when I was young I’d rather spend on fashion items than on food, I always liked sweet but didn’t need it to be happy.
    Even pregnant I didn’t have crazy cravings but since the birth I’m kind of obsessed with eating, can’t get enough, savoury, sweet, anything but unhealthy works better!
    That’s probably emotional eating, (in the beginning I thought it’s because I’m breastfeeding generously, but I think now that it’s far beyond that), so the question is do I have to torture myself with diet (I’ve done it seriously many times but with no much results) or should I sort out the emotional first and then eating would be less of a problem?
    I precise, I’m not a gluton, “normal” people even think that I have a very healthy diet, that’s why I’m not asking to doctors (my midwife said breastmilk is healthier with less vegetables and more chocolate because vegetables give diarhea to the baby), but I’m asking you, it seems that you have a “true” knowledge about food.

    Sorry, I’ve been very long but you ask me to be specific…
    I will for sure keep in touch with you, it’s a while I wanted to communicate with you as I’m very interested in birth and parenting (particularly babies) and I would like to make it my job (somehow) but as mentionned above I have to sort out myself first, so, you’ll hear from me in the not too far future hopefully!!!

    Thank you so much for your huuuge kindness,
    Lots of Love,


    PS: the book!!! The book!!! The book!!!

  8. Deborah Joy Carroll says:

    Let me first say… the human organism adjusts over time to whatever your fuel choice is… this is where it shows up in the blood and your unique blood type is not just the product of your lifestyle choices but your foremothers and Fathers …the Ancestral line, excuse spelling I am just typing fast… you are the super conductor here! Your choices now are in fact effecting your future children’s determined blood type (we Indeed Re-write our own DNA NOW! By our Lifestyle choices NOW …RIGHT NOW ! All Of These So Called Categories are just that Categories from residue DNA and Blood Patterns from our past family DNA bloodlines their habits and lifestyle choices! But we can change this pattern it is just that a pattern……… (Who’s In Charge Here Of Our Life ??? Little Old US !!!) And our past actions and our present ones are determining our and our future children’s DNA and destinational outcomes for them! And this pattern has had time to establish itself over generations! And I Shudder to think of the DNA Mutations we are possibly creating through our current junk food society? Where they are sending their own and their future children’s DNA too? OMG !!! IGNORANCE CAN NO LONGER BE AN EXCUSE ANYMORE, NOT ANYMORE !!! We Cannot afford to rest on our laurels ANYMORE…Not About This!!! We Cannot afford to continue on this track, we just can’t… but this Can be Changed At Anytime Just By A Decision !!! All Animals With A Brain no matter how small and a nervous system feel Physical Pain and Sensation!!! We Should not feel shame or guilt of this, just understand that we did not know these things ! It just takes inner inquiry and a genuine desire from our hearts to take the time to understand these fundamental truths !!! Just know over time the base blood chemistry can be changed at anytime by the Fuel/Lifestyle chooser YOU… Your body will just follow suit, in other words it will do what you tell it to do !!! WHO IS THE MASTER COMMANDER AND CONTROLLER OF YOUR BODY ??? YOU…..!!! ALWAYS HAS BEEN !!! TAKE THE TIME TO THINK VERY CAREFULLY ON THIS, AND IT WILL MAKE FUNDAMENTAL COMMON SENSE TO YOU…. WE JUST CAN’T KEEP BLINDLY RELYING ON THESE SO CALLED DISCOVERIES AND FINDINGS BECAUSE THEY TOO ARE LEARNING AND DISCOVERING THROUGH THEIR LIMITED VIEW POINTS ALSO! THE ONLY INFORMATION THAT IS TRUE COMES FROM DEEP INSIDE OF US…..FOSTER AND ENCOURAGE TRUST IN THAT LATENT INTELLIGENCE THAT WE HAVE NOT GIVEN A LOT OF TIME TOO! DIVE INTO YOUR HEARTS DEEPLY AND INQUIRE FROM A REAL GENUINE PLACE DEEP INSIDE OUR SOULS OUR DIVINE INTELLIGENCE AND HERITAGE! WE MUST SPEND SOME TIME THERE IF WE WANT TO FIND OUT…. !!! I CHANGED MY DIET FROM A MEAT EATER TO A RAW VEGAN AT 23 I AM NOW 53…… MY BLOOD CHEMISTRY HAS CHANGED MOST

  9. Deborah Joy Carroll says:

    Pearl Shanti….
    I thank you so much for sharing about you “Living On Light” and The Beyond Orgasmic Divine Nectar of Amrita! You are a sister unto my own heart! When the Divine Amrita Flows, it is more heavenly than any human words can describe! it is the “Liquid Golden Light of God…. And it Comes When the Pineal Gland Blossoms, opens, and comes to life once again! It is totally and completely and utterly beyond physical food substances of any kind no matter how delectable you think Chocolate tastes it is, nothing but… NOTHING COMPARED TO IT !!! It is off the radar completely of anything we can describe in the physical sense, taste sensation…
    Completely !!! Completely !!! Completely !!!
    Dear Pearl Beautiful sister, you have inspired me once again to share here with you all…. I have also experienced the same as yourself through “Living On Light” and it Happened to me in exactly the same way just naturally off guard, one day this, the next day that… It’s not something you try to do, it comes from deep within you and it just gently shifts! And then I caught up with my real self, the real me! It seemed like forever, since I had found this special little package, the pristine little child, the inner beauty and innocence within me and the awesome all powerful magnitude that is really felt for just what that actually IS, JUST ME !!! Then I felt that it was only yesterday since I had left my pristine playground, this was for me happening all at the same time! A gentle natural flow, the next step! And from it blossomed the deepest humility! I felt this within myself for the first “refreshing” time the pristine little baby child/innocence within me come to life….!!! Then in that special place my 6 year old Daughter and I met for the first time it seemed, and we played in this wonderland of bliss locked into each others heart and My Daughter Meg Delighted IN IT, she reveled IN IT !!! We were as one being I was her and she was me ……And we played and played and played……. Together In this sacred space and all time had stood still just for us! I have never forgotten it and will never forget it !!! This Is truly what the awaken consciousness can bring! Bringing back our own… TRUE NATURE, PURE INNOCENCE AND AWAKENED INTELLIGENCE AGAIN! IN THAT PLACE THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG, GUILT, BLAME OR SHAME THERE IS ONLY IS-NESS! And UNDERSTANDING…. Pearl Shanti thank you again for this exquisitely executed article,


    Beautifully explained and so full of “Pure Love”… Straight from “Your Beautiful Heart” !
    Thank you, Bless your Soul!
    Deborah Joy! (Ariana Sha)
    <3<3<3 :-)

  10. redaktør says:

    Thank you for your amazing feedback , Samantha !

    We are so grateful for your questions – we will create an ebook based on questions – thank you for giving us this inspiration and idea !

    To be ready !

    It is not easy, of course, if we have cravings. Cravings is a result of parasites in the body!
    These parasites are nourished by unhealthy food – and they are hungry – and they DEMAND unhealthy food!
    This results in overweight,candida,diabetes and many other diseases and inbalances- which can be fatal.

    But – there is a simple way to remove cravings.

    A cleansing cure called Flor Essence (Canadian herbs-an old indian recipe) – you can google it.
    We have experienced the benefits ourselves – that is why we can talk about it.

    We had cravings and when we went through a 3 month cure – and at the same time we went raw (you can do it no matter what diet you have – as long as it is without fat during the cure,because fat is stored in the liver and holds on to what the body needs to release) – it felt like a wonderful liberation, the cravings left the body and never returned.

    The parasites create a craving for unhealthy food – which the host can not control – only the guest. That is why it is not easy!

    The parasites come into our bodies because of vaccines, unhealthy foods, medications and pollutions.

    With a detox, all toxins and chemicals, parasites and old programmings disappear from the body.

    It looks as if you, in some way, have received parasites. Parasites make you emotional addicted – and with a cleansing your emotions will be balanced.

    If you take this cure, you don`t have to torture yourself – your body will let go of the cravings in a natural way, and you will open up for giving your body temple healthy food in an easy and relaxed way.

    You will then be open for super food – like chlorella,spirulina,bipollen and more – giving you everything you need – check out David Wolfe`s book “Superfood” on Amazon.

    We STRONGLY disagree with your midwife regarding vegetables and breastfeeding.

    I, Pearl Shanti, and my whole family – and many, many more have given breastmilk on an vegetarian diet – with no problems, rather the opposite.
    It is all about listening to our bodies – the world is obsessed about what is “normal” and give away the power to authorities – and have forgotten what is natural !

    Natural will never harm the body ! ….as Hippokrates said: “Do no harm…”

    Normal usually means the opposite of healthy – that is why there are so many problems in the world.

    Regarding breastfeeding and living on vegetables – I just want to add that I breastfed my children until they were 3-4 years – we they themselves chose to stop. And the first year they had only breastmilk. It is not about what is normal , but what works for each one of us – and what is the best for our body temple.

    Here is some valuable information concerning the benefits of raw food:

    1. When you start incorporating more raw foods into your diet, you are automatically starting to eliminate the foods that are unhealthy. Chemicals, harmful fats, refined starches, refined sugar are just a few. You will also find out that raw food is a lifestyle that you will LOVE – it is an art of life.

    2. You can actually prevent and reverse disease by incorporating more raw foods into your diet .
    To quote the father of medicine Hippokrates: “Let your food be your medicine – and your medicine be your food ”

    3. Generally you will improve your health and well being. More energy, and a sense of well-being accompany healthy foods! After a short while you will only choose healthy foods, because the improvements will be so fast and beneficial.

    4.Weight loss is a naturally occurring benefit when you eliminate the super processed foods and replace them with more raw food.The muscles will become more strong and flexible with a raw food diet. You will be happy, healthy and sexy, without counting the calories , because you can eat as much as you like. And after a while you will not eat that much, because raw food will really make you satisfied.

    5. It is better for the environment, we will save the rainforrests. Animal products contribute a very large percentage to our greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the land and water usage and pollution. Remember, 80 % of the food which is grown goes to feed animals for meat production – and just becoming vegetarian is an act of solidarity, so that more food will be available for the world population.

    6. Vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients are more available from food in it’s raw state. And those are so important for the immune system.

    7. Cooking foods…especially at high temperatures forms substances that are harmful to your health (acrylamide, advanced glycoxidation, heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). And 70-80 % of the nutritients are lost with cooking.

    8. Enzymes! Some types of enzymes that are available in plants are responsible for converting some phytochemicals in to extremely beneficial elements for your body. These enzymes are released when the plant is chopped, mashed, pureed or chewed. Cooking destroys these beneficial enzymes.

    9. Cooking dramatically reduces food’s phytochemical content. Research also indicates that cooking reduces or destroys the ability of antioxidants in food to do their job. It is easy to notice the difference in our immune system.

    10. A raw foodist is not aging as other people. A raw food diet gives the amazing result of rejuvination and longevity. You will get a deeper spiritual contact as well.

    11. Last but not least, you will just feel better. Much better. So much better. In a short period of time.

    This summer we were visited by family and friends who were used to live an unhealthy life – with meat and processed foods.
    After 2 weeks here with us, the family improved their health a great deal. One of the visitors, who has many ailments, went to the doctor who couldn`t believe his eyes….and asked what had happened….the tests had really improved, as well as the fact that the patient looked so much healthier – AFTER JUST 2 WEEKS !

    It is confirmed by Dr.Gabriel Cousens that diabetes 2 is cured after a 30 day mainly raw food diet and detox. You can see this on you-tube – and you can google it.
    Dr. Gabriel Cousens is one of the worlds foremost authorities on raw food and you can also find him on Facebook.

    Dearest beautiful Samantha – again we thank you for your questions – those questions and our answers will be the foundation for our ebook !

    We humbly thank you for being on the path of LOVE with us !

    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanit and Andiran

  11. Deborah Joy Carroll says:



    <3<3<3 :-)))

  12. Samantha says:

    I’m sure your book will be the dream come true to many people!
    If you’re looking for questions, on health forums there are thousands of them and I’d be more than happy to contribuate with mine, just for inspiration, I’ll wait for the book to see which answers came up…
    Hey hey, I’m so excited!!!
    OK, actually not that much, since I have to do a fat free diet…
    But which fat should I avoid? I think some are quite essential… I read that the one from cold press organic oil (raw of course) and raw nuts create a shield around each cell to keep the water and other good things inside them, so that it can be used by the body, otherwise all fall down and the body gets weak.
    I checked Flor Essence, it’s very interesting, I have already tried Red Desert clay, Miracle Mineral Solution and other natural remedies and I’ve done a Colon hydrotherapy but the lady said I should stop because I don’t have parasite and plus I shouldn’t take anything while breastfeeding. I’m not saying that I listen to everybody but they still have an influence.
    I tried many diets, I did one month without sugar (I think it got rid of the yeast infection), 3 months without gluten and so on but I didn’t try to avoid the fat.
    So I’ll do it when I come back from holyday to my in-laws, I don’t want to refuse any of my Mother in law delicious meal and plus, in Kosovo the food is so fresh, local and organic (no money for pesticide) that it’s a good base.

    About the midwife, I read on a serious newspaper that one of them called the social services to report a baby victim from his mother who didn’t want to give him chocolate cake (as the midwife advised her given that the baby was refusing healthy food and not puting enough on weight), result, the mother had to fight for 4 months to get her son back, he didn’t put on weight but got sweet addicted! I didn’t check the details of this story as I found it too cruel, but it could be true, when I listen to doctors here…
    But, still the good thing is UK is that we are quite free about vaccination. Just a letter from me was enough not to vaccine my son (in France, it’s compulsory). And even if 4 different people came one by one in the delivery room to try to convince me to inject vitamine K to my new baby, they didn’t do it (in France, parents don’t even know about vitamin K).

    Anyway, just to say that people still don’t know and your book will really help. There are books already with interesting information but they are either old or full of hate against the government and big compagny who like better to get money than to give health, we need something fresh and wise, going beyond judgement and I believe you are the ones who can do it!

    If by having outgrown so much the struggles of nutrition and wellbeing that you forgot how it is, I can feed you with what are people’s worries on this subject. I really would love to somehow give my little contribution to this book, just let me know!

    About Gabriel Cousens, I read an interview with him about E3Live, I’ve been taking some for 3 months, it seemed it started working but it’s too expensive for me right now, so I changed for Spirulina but it’s not the same.
    About raw food I read Natalia Rose excellent book and I’m juicing and eating raw fruit and vegetables, but only half of the day… I’m like dr Jekyll and Mr Hide, healthy in the morning, naughty in the evening!

    Maybe I should write you private e-mails rather than boring everybody… Sorry…

    With much Love,


  13. Hello dear ones

    I had to fight for my son’s right to be vegetarian as his relatives in France (father and grand parents) were forcing him to eat meat whenever he went to visit. I asked him whether he wanted me to stand up for him and create waves and he said “yes” which I very gladly did. I sent a ten page letter to his father explaining to him that being vegetarian as a child was perfectly healthy and safe. I also had to fight with his mother and my own parents but in the end we won.

    As for cravings… sugar… emotional eating, I hope you don’t mind me mentioning my book here called The journey of the slim soul (see my website) which helps approach slimming and issues with food and body image in a holistic way. I love how you say that what matters is what makes you happy. I once read in my yogic cookbook that one mustn’t miss the point that if one is not happy doing something, even if that thing is healthy, then the benefits are more or less lost… but becoming vegetarian has been a great improvement in my life because it has lifted a feeling of guilt and something wasn’t right in my mind about eating meat but I didn’t want to upset the apple cart because my partner is a meat eater. Now we have three and a half vegetarians in the family (I wanted to go vegan but that would really make things complicated) and moving towards introducing more raw food. We started with green smoothies which are fantastic and the more you introduce healthy food, the less you feel like eating junk food.

    If you want me to contribute to your book, let me know. I will be writing very soon a cookbook with wholesome recipes that will fill the gap between traditional cookbooks and raw food so that people can transition easily without feeling overwhelmed, which is what I often feel when I read books about raw food…

    Love and light to everyone

    Anges de Lumiere

  14. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Deb !

    Thank you so much, amazing sister -for sharing your wisdom, insights and divine FREQUENCY of LOVE !
    This information complete the message totally!
    Thank you for being on the path of LOVE with us !
    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  15. redaktør says:

    Dearest beautiful Deb !

    We are so happy that you are sharing your experience about Living on Light – this is in a concord with what I, Pearl Shanti feel and experience. Thank you for sharing in such an amazing, beautiful and lovingly way !
    Always with LOVE !
    -Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  16. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Samantha !

    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm !
    Yes- keep on sending us your deep questions- we feel so blessed to be of service.
    Your questions inspire us to write more – and go deeper.

    Regarding Flor Essence and fat free diet:

    First of all, when we breastfeed it is not recommeded to do any form of detox. Because what we release from the body goes out through all the body`s fluids – including the breastmilk.

    In this context , we mean free of dairy and animal products – like butter, milk, cream,cheese, meat etc….it is not so easy for the body to let go of these kinds of fats…
    And to avoid all fried and wooked foods.
    To stay away from these fats will help the body in the detox process – so it will be as effective as possible. You may of course eat what you like – yet it is wise to get the money`s worth back – and the cravings for these products disappear very fast when the detox has started.

    Regarding health professionals and social service – unfortunately this is true – we hear stories like this every day. Even though we stay away from TV, radio, newspapers etc. Many health professionals have a good heart – but they are unfortunately misinformed and misguided and act out of fear.

    Thank you for your loving words regarding our approach to this book.
    Yes – we will always tell the truth – but not in a hateful way. LOVE WINS !!!
    We will humbly inform about what vaccines do with the body – as well as the agenda behind.
    WE will always refer to facts and not speculations.

    Yes – we are really appreciating that you offer your help – please send us questions about what people are worried about on these issues. This will help many ! We will answer – with pleasure !
    And if you like sharing your own experiences – feel free to share from your heart – we appreciate it.

    About Dr. Jekyll and Hyde – it is a typical result of parasites – and the way it is for most people. Unfortunately, the big food companies add ingredients to make people addicted to unhealthy food and sweets. The additives weaken the immune system – and make a passage for parasites.
    People then fight 2 enemies – the parasites and the addiction.
    The Health Ranger Mike Adams has made a list of these harmful ingredients .
    If someone finds it before us – we will be happy if you share it here. You are more than welcome to – this will help us in our work.

    We do not think that you are boring anyone – on the contrary !
    Your questions will help many – because many are in the same situation. And when they identify with you – they will find answers and solutions.

    Regarding superfoods like the E3Live – we all choose the superfoods we can afford, it is better that we take some things than nothing…
    It is possible to surf on the internet and find cheaper super foods – yet pure – there are big price differences.
    David Wolfe and Mike Adams have great tips regarding this.

    Feel free to share links and information with us , if you like, we will share inexpensive and pure solutions which we have found regarding our country Norway.

    We are very happy for your sharings here – yet, if you feel like talking privately -you are more than welcome.
    Still – we are sure that your questions are very helpful for others.

    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  17. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Anges !

    Thank you for your divine comment !

    It can be a challenge to stand up for our food choices regarding family and friends – yet it is worth it – our children deserve the best !
    People tend to forget that when it comes to food – children have to eat what the parents buy and make.
    So we honour you for standing up for your children – we have been there too. We can confirm that this is not easy – but worthwhile the inconvenience.

    The reason why the pearl is so beautiful – is because of all the layers of tears around the grain of sand….

    Oh yes, Anges – share from your book as much as you like – we feel honoured !
    Anything written in this dialogue will be evaluated for the ebook.

    We love your sharings and we sing the same song of the Heart !

    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  18. Once we make a choice to move towards plant based eating, a simplicity is often connected with, which is difficult to find in the throws of external ideas and information. Many explain the journey in terms like “it just feels natural”. This is because the knowledge of living a plant based lifestyle, like any lifestyle becomes experiential – we learn it by living it. We FEEL the multitudes of different ideas which affirm our choice for us, and that feeling feels “natural”. Without the experience, without the “knowing”, we can lose ourselves in a storm of conflicting ideas, and curiosity disappears into the safety of our cosy cultural constructs, which assure us that everything we are already doing is exactly what we want to do! So before the knowing, and weathering the storm, an open and progressive idea is to seek information and learn from those who have experienced what we haven’t. As a meat eater, and son of a butcher, there came a point in my life where curiosity and a desire for growth, compelled me to challenge what I did and what I thought. Opening my mind to speak with those who did not eat meat, was for me the smartest idea. Their experiences connected with my intentions and along the way I tried some vegetarianism. This change “just felt natural” and I was freshly able to compare the experience of eating meat to not eating meat. Not eating meat felt better.

    The desire to not eat animals was the core of this choice and over time that core revealed greater depths. I’d always had severe health problems, when I first stopped eating animals my health improved greatly, but over time I sank back into sickness. I realise now that this was largely due to increasingly relying on processed substitute food products, I was fuelling my body with the wrong stuff. Not eating meat, was not enough! I reconnected with the foods I ate when I first moved to vegetarianism, lots of whole foods, much of it raw. As I studied and learned more about the awesome true relationship between food and health, I delved deeper into raw foods, I gave up all animal based foods, I juiced, I smoothied, and I celebrated the rejuvenation of my taste buds as well as the rest and whole of me, foods which I knew no taste from before, burst into life as I chewed, making good on all the promise of delicious and diverse vibrancy made by their deliciously diverse vibrancy of colours. This was an awesome adventure into well health and holistic living, these new ideas reversed my health condition and gave me the opportunity to explore life in a way I never knew I could dream.

    As my body healed, and my mind cleared, every part of me connected with peacefulness, hopefulness, Love and joy. My honest-self emerged, and my soul grew up and out. The motivation for my choices 10 years earlier joined hands now with a new holistic perspective. In exploring a deeper understanding of the relationship between my food and health I reconnected with my earlier intentions. This renewed journey was soul expanding. Being free of the subdued hypocrisy I unknowingly carried by eating dairy, was as healing as any other part of this change. I felt light, and lightful. With calm, and energised breaths I was free to explore my inner world as well as emphatically enjoy my outer world. I was well, I was healthy, I was happy, I had everything I needed to live how ever I wanted. This new life experience grew and got brighter as I became a father, a teacher-pupil and a man centred in Love. Aligned with nature, invigorated by the life energy of the Sun and our mother Earth, my life became an exuberant adventure, a flowing celebration, the precious gift it was given as. For all the books I read, all the scientific papers I referred to, all the people I spoke with, nothing could teach me of this experience other than the experience itself.

    I share this journey in the sincere and humble hope it may be helpful. Socially, healthfully, environmentally, spiritually, plants are making a good case for the foundation of the human diet. Our evolutionary lineage put in proper context supports the idea. In the end it is our own human experience, we choose how we make our choices. For me, my own experience is the only thing which makes sense out of any idea, everything else at best is a preparation for knowing and growing.

    One Love,

  19. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Richie – divine friend!

    We are so happy and grateful for this comment here – because it is so important regarding the discovery of the language of the body. And it is an awesome documentation about the benefits of a vegetarian life style, and raw food in particular.

    It is also valuable because it confirms the importance of learning from direct experience and self-evaluation – and although we can learn a lot from books and other people – all of us have our own truth within.
    Experience is the guru – and can lead to inspire other people , not by converting them but rather living like an example, like you do !

    A “flowing celebration ” is what we all long for – and it is such a gift to open our hearts and minds up for a vegetarina life style – because it is indeed a celebration of life – as well as food .

    ” For me, my own experience is the only thing which makes sense out of any idea, everything else at best is a preparation for knowing and growing.”

    This is going to be our favorite quote, Richie – thank you very much, brother !

    We feel honoured by your contribution to this e-book.

    In gratitude !

    Always with LOVE

    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  20. Keith says:

    Quite Simply Perfect.

    Dear Pearl Shanti and Andiran

    I have come back here and read through your post 5 or 6 times already.

    I am looking to see in which areas i may have questions to ask that may help you help other in your new book.
    Many of those before me have shared much that i am sure will certainly help, but as for myself I have nothing to give. Please, this is not in any way a criticism as i can find non in that line either.

    From my heart i can only explain that from what you have shared with me already I feel that to question how, what or why would be to question how my heart is telling me i should live. Obviously I, no more or less than anybody else need direction and teaching and will 100% benefit from your book but for my whole life i have had this dream but never understood it.

    Since my first discovery of the ways that you are teaching, understanding came naturally.

    I sincerely love what you are doing and will one day hopefully in person share with you my happiness at becoming alive.

    Love and warmth to you and my apology if my comment is out of context.

  21. Samantha says:

    I love Richie’s quote too, we are all different and even if some share the same symptoms, our whole experience is different and so would be the solution. The same remedy can be “a life saver” for many, but an abomination for others (exemple : soya lecithin). We need to listen to our intuition to see what works for us, but of course that’d be much easier with a genuine source of information…
    And here you are! I have so plenty of ideas, but before to get wild, I need to know what you intend to cover on this so wiiide subject of health. (nutrition, supplement, energy healing, thoughts patterns (LOA), natural remedies beyond nutritional ones (detox bath…), natural way of living, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi…

    Also I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you mentionned Bee Pollen, I have a really excellent feeling about it!!!

    So Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Samantha xxx

  22. redaktør says:

    Dear beautiful Keith !

    Thank you for your lovely comment !

    We humbly thank you for your warm words of support !

    Oh – yes – you are giving so much already, Keith !
    You have so much to give – every time you share your honesty – you are helping someone.
    This information may seem overwhelming – if one has not investigated it before – but this book is just about that.
    It is for those who are new to this, and for those who have been there awhile .
    Therefore we want questions from all walks of life – because we can all learn something all the time – when we ask we can inspire each other.
    We all may have a question which others do not dare to ask?

    Do not hesitate if you find one question to share !

    Your words warm our hearts soo deeply, Keith – and one day we will meet each other in person !

    Always with LOVE to you, divine brother !

    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  23. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Samantha !

    We are so happy for your words of wisdom !

    Richie`s words are in alignment with our own – so we agree with you !

    Bee Pollen is our family`s food and a part of our house pharmacy…Leopold Light calls it nature`s magical miracle dust…and is eagerly sharing teaspoons with guests – so they can improve their health – it is good for the stomachpain – he says…

    You may share questions/information about anything, Samantha – there are no limitations – let the book develop while we speak -let`s go with the flow and see where it leads…

    While this book is becoming alive – we also feel our Family of LOVE – ONE . is growing rapidly .
    Thank you for being in this family with us all, Samantha ! ;)

  24. K W says:


    Thank you so much for pointing out that a raw or vegetarian diet is not a vital ingredient when embarking on the transition from robot to love-bot. This originally felt like a must do to me and if natural or raw was not available and I felt I needed to eat, then I would eat the healthiest thing possible at that time. This often left me with a feeling of failure as anything that i had done to purify myself would be gone.

    I would like to ask about feeling, and how to tell the good from the bad. I know that some people get headaches when starting a detox due to the sudden changes in diet, but could you explain any other pains or feeling that we are likely to get when converting to a natural diet. I get the easily explained feelings of hunger and craving for what my body is used to but I also seem to have a discomfort in my gut area that feels like (I know this sound weird) my organs are moving.


    The mind,

    Please could you explain why after recently trying to meditate (I still have not mastered the art of that ) I kind of lost my head.
    What happened?
    I sat as normal and started the breathing and relaxing process. I usually fall off to sleep during this which is also very relaxing lol but annoying as it allows me to make no advances on learning. This time however, I dont think I did fall asleep. at some stage my concentration on my breathing turned to some childhood memories that until then had been forgotten. they where not nice memories and it was as if i was actually reliving these parts of my life. I awoke and found that it had only been a matter of minutes although it felt far longer. I also awoke feeling very very down.
    I have never heard of any side affects of meditation, so could you explain if there are any and do you have any idea what i did that might of prompted this.

    Many thanks ♥

  25. redaktør says:

    Beautiful Keith !

    We feel so honoured that you are coming to us with exactly this question , dear friend !

    What you describe is normal feelings and pains – the parasites are clinging on and create cravings to the foods you are used to – creating hunger.
    It feels like everything inside is moving in this transition period – and it is not weird – it is natural.
    What will help to avoid this craving and unpleasantness is Floor Essence – a herb tea detox cure based on indian herbs – you can Google it.
    We take a 3- months detox with this every year.
    We call it “our regeneration period” – around Easter time.
    If you start doing this – the cravings, feelings and discomfort will disappear.

    The mind:
    You have experienced a regression.
    This is a gift, Keith – a healing situation – no side effect.
    Meditation will activate suppressed memories in order for them to be released – so that you will have a happier life!
    It is just a phase in the awakening – a liberation of old programmings and patterns which are holding you down.

    What you have experienced is a natural part of the meditation – and this is as phase you go through to get more in contact with your Higher Self and the wisdom within.

    The reason you feel down is that you have touched negative memories which you have not healed yet – and if you continue – you will go even deeper – with a deeper healing taking place.

    This is a wonderful tool to use – the more we release this stuff – the less we transfer to our children from these negative patterns.

    You ask what you have done to prompt this ?
    The time is ready for liberation , for change and for healing , for creating a new life for yourself, let go of the past and LIVE NOW !

    This is your new “Birth” – to a new “YOU”

    Welcome to the YOU you always have been longing for ! Welcome HOME !

    Again we say – Beautiful friend – we feel so honoured that you have come to us with this very important question, because what you ask will be very helpful for many !

    Your friends forever
    Always with LOVE
    Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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  27. redaktør says:

    Hello !
    Thank you for your comment !
    Well, we welcome all kinds of people to comment – and we allow them to disagree, as long as it is done
    Pearl Shanti is on Facebook, her profile is “Pearl-Shanti Lodur-Lionheart” – and she has a Fan Page on Facebook called “conscious parenting”

    , as well
    as Pure from Within

    and Holistic Life Style…

    and a group called “Lets start a conscious parenting movement”….

    Have a beautiful weekend !

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  29. redaktør says:

    Dear Rhett !
    thank you.- we will check this out :)
    Andiran Lionheart

  30. Angie Salmon says:

    I have found that if you can incorporate vitamins with a daily diet of fresh fruit and vegatables then you are going to be giving the body the nutrition its wants . Some of the finest resources for antioxidants can be found in carrotts and green leafy veggies such as collards and green spinach,different types of berries as well as citrus fruits just like oranges, pears and apples..I strive to have one or two a day which is not too hard when you combine this into your everyday dinners.

  31. redaktør says:

    Thank you, Angie !

    We agree with you, and we also have good experiences with raw food and superfood like gooji berries, spirulina and chlorella.
    We wish you a fantastic day – and you may get in touc with us on Facebook- we have a fanpage called Conscious Parenting:

  32. Michelle says:

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    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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  33. redaktør says:

    thank you, Michelle !
    We really appreciate your kind words.
    Feel free to follow Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart on Facebook too!
    Kind regards
    Andiran Lionheart

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  35. Thanks for finally talking about > Children make us think !!!!

    - Enlightened Children < Liked it!

  36. redaktør says:

    Thank you very much ! :)
    We are chocolate lovers too — Pearl Shanti gets organic
    chocolate right from source in Ecuador !

    Kind regards
    Andiran Lionheart

  37. redaktør says:

    thank you very much – we appreciate your comment!
    We have practised colon cleanisng too – combined with fasting,
    affirmations and rebirthing.

    Kind regards
    Andiran Lionhaert

  38. Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there
    be a part 2?

  39. redaktør says:

    Hi there !

    Thank you very much !
    There will come more articles about children – just hang in there!
    Kind regards
    Andiran Lionheart
    Secretary for Pearl Shanti

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  42. redaktør says:

    Youre welcome !
    Are you professionals concerning parenting ?

    Kind regards
    Andiran Lionheart

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    Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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