“My Magical December in Beautiful Loja, Ecuador,in the Andes…



My name is Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart.
I have just started an International legally registered nonprofit charity in Ecuador called Hearts for a New Life Foundation.
Many have asked why I do not celebrate Christmas. The reason is that for me ,Christmas means BEING the GIVER of LOVE,which I celebrate EVERY SINGLE DAY, not only ONE day per YEAR.
So I celebrate Christmas in me EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.
Still,December is special,where the portal and the connections between Mother Earth and the Universe are pulsating through every human heart in a different way.
The 21st of December is Our Portal of LOVE,THE DAY OF GIVING,LIFE – and it is wide open in all of us.
The Motherly LOVE POWER Shines through…
So I will share with you what I did this December.
Tune in…it will open your heart wide OPEN……


This December was connected with many other events during this season of LOVE and LIGHT through GIVING,sharing and being who we ALL ORIGINALLY are – “the PUREST LOVE”…
Yes indeed,this December has been awesomely hectic but also filled with indescribable LOVE…

My team and I have been working with bringing in gifts,sweets,clothes,cakes and other surprises for 200 children in 8 schools- a visit that was planned together with the schools for the 20 th of December.
We visited the children in the mountains, and a Local TV Station from Vilcabamba was following me around and made a second documentary movie about my Hearts for a New Life Foundation.


I was surrounded by 200 HAPPY children, whom I all gave a kiss and a warm hug,not thinking of lice or other things.
Affection is not common for them,so they giggled and smiled brightly when I touched them.
I danced and talked with them,some of the children cried of happiness – others came running after me for a last hug when I left.

We even visited a school which had 6 students – girls from the age of 7 to 11.
They had a school,their own uniform and they where there everyday waiting – day after day.
They had no teacher,they where just sitting there waiting for a teacher to find their school one day.We stayed with them for a couple of hours,it was touching and so very sad.
They asked me if I could come to them with the cultural School that I organize in Malacatos.
The need is enormous – it breaks my heart not to be able to reach them all.
I will work with these 200 children one day per month- bringing them what they need,from my own money – playing with them,staying,listening,hugging and giving them my LOVE.
This is one of my projects, and this happened on the 20 th of December.


And then my Magical and MAJESTIC Event took place on the 21st of December,the official opening of my School – for the children with no financial support to travel to the big city in order to get educated in music,art ,therapy and so on.
We have been given the place and space by the generous hosteria owner of Yunanga- by Mr Nelson himself. The University of Loja is giving us their BLESSING by providing us two of their own finest teachers for our daily teaching.
Instruments are donated to us from LOVELY private people. The Montessori School of Loja has given us their tables for this project. Moreover volunteers from all over the world are offering to help,we are legally registered and have the possibility to give Visa in exchange for some hours of daily work. We have our own nutrition expert and Raw Food Teacher Yolanta Mordas and Tai Chi Master Steve Gray – who both participated in the Event as well.

And much more – everything is going to melt together as a therapeutic form of support for the inner truth in every child’s soul .
So this was our Event -celebrating Fiesta !
The Universityof Loja came and gave us one hour of their magical symphonic orchestra – we had dancers,singers and the saxophonist Todd Cooper from the Alan Parson Project participated with his LOVELY Family…Todd gave us 3 beautiful songs and melodies directly from his AMAZING deep heart.

Many other popular bands and LOVELY performers gave their Heart for us on this event.

I send my thanks to them all for helping us reach out there !

We also had the honor of having many local visitors,which is not common when a western person is behind an event. I was of course honored and proud of the school project and the event.
Local TV,Radio and newspapers were present too.

Yes- we had an AWESOME Event !

We are just starting up,so I am taking care of the financial aspect myself for a while.
I have delayed my investment plans for the purchase of a property for me and my son so that I can keep the charity going .
The charity is on its way to stand on its own feet,but some help would never be rejected.
But the first part of my new book is being published tomorrow,so my 50% of income will soon take over.
As people know,I will not let any income for the charity go to salaries,that is why I am donating 50% of my own income from my books, which will cover the salaries.
All the income to the charity will go to the people in need as a support in their lives for education,homes and new starts – not MONEY- but for the fulfillment of their own GOALS.


Anyway,even if the event did not bring enough funds,I will still cover the school project,and we made the news,and many LOVELY people have come forward with amazing suggestions and offers !

We had Rawfood service,vegetarian food,bar service and more…


And on the 22nd of December my team and I travelled around to my 10 local families,visiting a total of 30 children. To places where rape is a common BLINDNESS.
We managed to give them big surprises,clothes,food,cakes,candles and sweets for Christmas…..and my HEART… It was AMAZING to surprise them like this !!!

There were so many gifts,clothes,cakes and sweets left that I asked my taxi driver to take me to a poor area to see if we could find some children– this was on the 23 rd of December.
We went in to a dead end road.

“No children here” he said…

I climbed the truck and asked a passing man how many children he had.

« Three«he said.

I gave him a bag of gifts and sweets for Christmas.
Then,out of the BLUE,a lot of children lined up -hungry,sad and lost souls – their smiles vibrated,their eyes glowed,their hearts started to shine,they felt blessed by the simple LOVE I humbly could share with them.
And then it all vanished into COUNTLESS HAPPY HANDS… I felt honored for being there with them in this moment of being LOVED…


And because I changed my mind regarding buying a property and instead chose being there for my NON PROFIT Charity, I moved to another house in Malacatos on the 18 th of December- waaahooooo !!! What a ride …lol…
The new home was also cheaper for me to rent…,so YES !!! I have had a MAGICAL HECTIC December…hahaha – but all for ONE MAGICAL LOVE-we are ALL ***ONE***…..


My December story is not over yet,the first part of my first international parenting book is released on the 27th of December…. 27 is My Power number!
My publisher did not know that,but I feel blessed…

I am also travelling to South Africa on the 16 of January to approve the illustrations of one of my children books …..

Now I and my son Leopold ,8 years old,a student at the Music Conservatorio in Loja,are going to rest in silence for the rest of the year and do some travelling…
Last year we travelled to Bolivia,Lake Titicaca,the jungle of Peru,Cusco and Macho Pichu and more- we will see where we end up this year- as we recover and rejuvenate our Body Temple…

Thank you for listening !
You are more than welcome to give your help –and you may donate by clicking the donate button here at www.enlightenedchildren.com or on my FB Fan Page Hearts for a new life Foundation , by sharing – or do come to us with whatever is on your heart…
Contact me at donate2hearts4anlife@gmail.com – or join us on FB – Hearts For a New LIFE Foundation.

Please leave a comment and you will help a lot by sharing this post….

My warmest LOVE four you and yours for this BLISSFUL Season of GIVING …….Which most people call Christmas…..for me this LOVE is everyday,not ONE DAY each year :)


Is there ever a GREATER Gift than GIVING….???……


Always in LOVE

with LIFE



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  1. Simply by forgetting that he themself is an artistically creating issue, does man live with any kind of repose, security, and uniformity.
    If but for an instant can escape from the prison partitions of this faith,
    his “self consciousness” would be immediately demolished.

  2. redaktør says:

    Thank you, Phillip – for your comment.
    Very philosophical and interesting !

    Kind regards
    Andiran Lionheart

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