*Until LOVE sets us FREE*

Read about our conscious choice, with the fact that we are no longer living as husband and wife!

Usually,when two persons get married they make a vow: «Until death do us part…»

When Andiran and I got married we both felt it was wrong to make this oath. Particularly since I live here and now, and I believe in LOVING at this moment – not the past or the future- but RIGHT NOW!!!!

The wedding promises Andiran and I made and the wedding ceremony were written by me – and we got married in a private ceremony – outside church or City Hall. But with more than 60 guests as witnesses – and with two of our closest friends as masters of ceremony and the UNIVERSE AS OUR only true INSPIRATION in being HERE AND NOW!
In our hearts we entered «Our» pact, the pact between two hearts. We wanted to support each other, raise each other and not tear each other apart by following selfish wishes, but rather to be united with each other in 100 % truth- where everything is about HERE AND NOW- TODAY…
If the day would come that we wanted to EXPLORE our own lives further and empowering the one we came to be, we wanted to support each other on the path that our Highest Selves were taking us. We were not talking about the ego here, the ego wants to own a person – we were talking about the opposite of that.
We had a wonderful time together, where we lived as wanderers and visited many different countries for several years, we cleansed our karma and discovered past lifetimes together, we collaborated and healed old wounds as companions. We experienced life and shared everything.
We had home school for our children and lived as simple and natural as possible- yet in BLISS. We arranged meditation workshops, retreats and had a healing centre together. We lived so harmoniously that noone would have guessed that we should ever part. We were an inspiration for other people – we walked our talk.

One day, though, something happened which showed us that we were to walk different paths, that we should let go of each other and lovingly choose a new road. When the calling came to go to the Andes we all felt the same. We shared these plans for 1 year, yet there were two in the family who did not feel 100 % this urge. They were guided to another destiny to fulfill. It is all about giving space for development, understanding and letting go.
We talked together and cried, we knew that our paths were different. We were both going to focus on the spiritual path and the truth of the heart as we always had done, yet this time on our own. Andiran had one call – I had another.
The choices of our hearts became important for us – and in time we will share the same path again, but not as lovers, because time is not standing still. I am not talking about a detour, rather necessary experiences we both needed- which we came to LIVE !
Of course these were tough decisions to make, we loved each other deeply and fervently, and even though some of us moved to the Andes after the decision, we met once a year in the summertime in Norway.
We did observe how we grew apart and that we did no complete each other any more, so in the true spirit of pure LOVE we sat each other FREE…….. LOVE IS LETTING GO !
We LOVED each other even more than ever – we LOVED each other UNTIL LOVE SAT US FREE!!!
Listen, I will never use the word Ex-husband or divorced…he is Andiran, the father of my children, these words are not me, I still LOVE my dear Andiran…love is about NOW, I did not own him and he did not own me, therefore there is no «ex», love is there FOREVER – IN THE PRESENT !!!

How can this be in harmony with conscious parenting ?
As I am writing books about conscious parenting, people are asking me constantly:

How can it be conscious parenting to leave each other, please explain this ?

In many relationships the collaboration between the partners is not working anymore. An energy battle is building up between partners who are supposed to be role models for the children.
In a LOVE relationship the intention is not to sacrifice something or someone for each other, but to complement one another.
Children are very sensitive and which world will they grow up in when their parents are not aligned with each other, when they have completed their joint purpose and are no longer living truthfully together on the energy level?

For our children it was better that Andiran and myself listened to the new calling, even if it meant that our lives were taking us on separate paths – and that we still continued to support each other as best friends, and still were able to LOVE each other when we met and in this way celebrate LIFE together with our children in LOVE and JOY- supporting the PEACE in every soul of our Divine family.
We did not fight a war between us, which could easily had happened if we did not follow our own truth – we did not want this negative energies for our children. In this way we showed our children that it is safe to LOVE and to be supported even if there is a difference of opinion – and at the same time have faith in the intuitive voice from within.

I wish to share with you a paragraph from our wedding ceremony:

“Pearl Shanti and Andiran have told our witnesses here the reason why we get married. Now we repeat this to all you guests, so that you may partake in this lovely wedding ceremony.

We tell you all today that we marry from pure love…we do not want to own each other…
Or have…
Or be own…
We want to give each other complete freedom and trust
We do not want any material possessions, just love and freedom
We do not want to have a home at just one place, but with love and freedom we want to wander Mother Earth and be beacons of light, because Gaia is our home – considering that no material possessions can give us the love which already is within.
Because we know that love is all we need in life.
All Love
All wisdom
Every insight
All knowledge
All compassion
All strength All beauty is within us both
We do not enter this marriage in a hope to RECEIVE these gifts, but with the intention to GIVE these gifts to the other.
Pure love, unconditional and unlimited love is the only love; which we now share with you, our guests, as our true joint statement.
This is our understanding TODAY – shared in front of every guest.
And it will always be about what we understand TODAY!
The day we no longer complete each other like this, that day we would have loved each other so Highly that we would set each other Free to bring our energies to even Higher Levels of LIFE and choose separate paths. “


How could we love each other and at the same time release each other ?
We were supposed to give each other karmic gifts for a period of time, we knew this and we loved each other for it, when our karmic debts were finished it was time that the Universe led us in two different directions.

How can we stop LOVING a person ? It isn`t possible, and if we can, we have not really LOVED…
To LOVE is not to own, we LOVED until LOVE sat us FREE. We still LOVE and we support each other in our new path of LIFE.
We did LIVE as ONE *Until LOVE sat us FREE* for us to become more of who we are.

Thank you for a wonderful LIFE together Andiran,we DID IT  !!!

–Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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8 Responses to “*Until LOVE sets us FREE*”

  1. Ariana Sha says:

    So Exquisitely BEAUTIFUL*………
    Pearl Shanti !
    “What Grace Beholds”
    I Sincerely Bless you both for your Wisdom*
    and Courage* and showing us all.. where
    True Freedom and Real LOVE Lies
    Thank You…
    My Precious Angel and Angels*

    ~Ariana Sha

  2. redaktør says:

    Ooooh my Precious Sister …..
    We, Deeply and Humbly Thank you!!!
    Thank you for GIVING us this Honor of Celebrating our NEW Paths in LIFE…

    Our Divine is with you ALWAYS

    My Warmest LOVE

    –Pearl Shanti

  3. Tamara de Jager says:

    Bless you dear Pearl. This is what love is all about! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom angel! Love & Light always!!

  4. Claire Willing says:

    The father of my son n I have followed a very similar path. Once our Karmic journey together was over, we knew and we still loved each other. Letting go in love was easy and supporting each other and our son is also easy and rewarding as we move forward in our ever loving NOW

  5. redaktør says:

    Dearest Claire !

    Thank you for your kind words- we all surely learn through life..and love prevails ! :)
    hugs from Pearl Shanti and Andiran

  6. redaktør says:

    Thank you, Tamara !

    I appreciate your loving support !

    Always with love
    Pearl Shanti

  7. Ariana Sha says:

    <3 I LOVE <3 This One* !
    Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart* ………. Thank you my Darling for your impeccable irreplaceable HEART Honesty* !
    Very Powerful INDEED* !

  8. redaktør says:

    Thank you, sister ! :)

    Love from Andiran

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