Listen to the Youth – a whisper from a loving heart

In connection with my fan page “Conscious Parenting” on Facebook I am contacted daily by youth in despair, via my private mail. They ask for my guidance,support and understanding.
They want me to explain to them how humanity acts and thinks. They are confused about that, they are not being accepted for what they are.With my LOVE,I give of my time to support them via Skype or email.

This is young people from many places in our world and they needed energies from those who are able to see them for who they are,someone who listens without pointing fingers or giving advice.

In particular, there has been an additional influx since the last hurricane – they sense the vibrations, and these young souls are most receptive for the awakening, and they want peace in their lives and their body temple and they want to have the freedom to be “THEMSELVES”!

This time, more than ever, is challenging for our young people because they are closer to the truth and they feel the pressure from this 3d limited world that crashes with their own inner truth.
All I can say is:
Listen to the youth and let’s stop feeling superior to them.
They came with a strong message of truth for us, they tell us about a different world that works … LISTEN !!
They wish that we let go of what we are doing that is not working.
They wonder why we do not see this for ourselves.
They asked if I could share this with the world and this is part of my focus on Conscious Parenting and therefore I also started a group on Facebook, (some years ago): “Let’s start a conscious parenting movement”,for all the parents in the world who know that we can do better!

The young are indeed wiser than us, they are different and they came not to the same world that we came to,THEY came to a very busy world -a  world that does not take the time to LIVE….

They are able to see what is wrong – but we do not listen.
The artistic souls , as many of them are, are the most sensitive of them , and they are reading us ALL,they know that we do the best we know how,but there is more out there than we many times are willing know and they are just trying to help, by doing what they are doing.

They keep asking me :

“Is it not time to live the “Natural” way and to follow our INNER truth, instead of letting society limit us, we who are in contact with this inner truth???”

All my LOVE to YOU who are awaken and who are able to see the truth and may we reach out our hand to those still at sleep ,without judging because we have also been there.. My warmest thoughts to all of us, young and old – we are all learning,and now it is time to LIVE our LOVE and LOVE our LIFE …

Together we can create heaven on earth! Our kids do show us how , they do see our potential … and fortunately many of us also now SEE what works… ;)

Here are some comments on Facebook:

Kris Costa You just described my 10 yr old son, Zion, to a “T”. He has a hard time with his peers because he sees how things are, very clearly, and wonders why most others don’t. But my little lion is strong!!!

Bernardette Kasum This is so true, and I am so grateful that I did listen to my children, they have taught me so much. But it was hard sometimes for me to see what they were trying to explain because I was so buried in the old passed on opinions of others that nurtured me and loved me while I was growing up. It is important to realize that no body is at fault here. That most of us have always tried to do the best for our children, and we do it out of love. To most of us, our children are our biggest treasure, so why wouldn’t we listen to what they have to say?
Pierre Beeldsnijder You are a great master that has so much love within ! I admire your spirit to always be there for those who need you. Many people does, especially the younger ones. They do see clearly who you are and they see the great light that you always spread out :) Love you Pearl Shanti !!
Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart Thank you for honoring me so Beautiful Pierre Beeldsnijder <3 Aravind Kumar <3 Ariana Sha Yes this really is my Fire … The young are so valuable and I see the light they bring with them …. I honor today’s young people and see those great masters that they are … They have big challenges as they are forced to follow the manmade world world that has lost touch with the natural … The young ONEs are here to bring us back ..And it is my passion to help them be standing in what they came here to be ..I feel very BLESSED by your warm support ..Thank you ALL ;) <3


Always with LOVE

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

I am sooo lucky to live in the garden of Eden – which actually is for sale!!!‏


Do you want to move to a place of peace and live healthy and cheaply with your children and spouse, take time to read about this wonderful hobbit home pearl ;)
Right from the start we fell in love with this property that we are so blessed to have had the honor and experience to live in.

Leopold and I came to this home October 1 st last year. We have lived here 1 year now. Yet, the Amazon Jungle is calling and we wish to move closer to the Inca – kingdom, both because of my work and because it is Leopold`s deep wish.
We wanted to buy this place ourselves, because it is so amazingly beautiful and it is with a deep sigh we are now leaving it….

The Landlord is born in the USA and he started to build this garden when he was almost 50 – he has lived on this property for 12 years. He lives here together with his wife and their 8 year old son.
He has put up 5 beautiful and magical houses, two of them actually have apartments. He is an indescribably skilled artist.
Each house has its own charm and personality with round and soft shapes.

Most of the houses have a fireplace in the living room, or outside (there is enough «fallen down» wood for daily use for all the houses) with roomy and light kitchens.
Round and curved wrought iron decorations made by the houseowner dominate all the houses and have pleasant galleries and big outdoor facilities.
I rejoice every day in the mosaic shower, which the owner has decorated with happy, swimming dolphins – dancing on the waves and with a glass roof over the shower, which invites the sun to make the rainbow appear in the water while showering at the same time in the morning – how wonderful it is to take a shower in the rainbow !
Leopold and I switch every other day (morning and evening) – «then we get the equal amount of colors» – as Leopold use to say.

The bedroom that I am using has,in addition to the windows in the side walls, two windows in a very pretty oblique roof, it is lovely to see the stars and the full moon when I go to bed…The sun does not enter the bedroom because the rooms are northwards…so it is possible to sleep a little longer now and then…
The big house where the owner and his family lives in is even more artistic and exciting !

The property is quite large and some of it is pretty open and light and another part is a mini rainforest that provides cool shade on hot days. The garden has a multitude of fruit trees, and a part of it is like a magical dense jungle with adventurous brick paths…. It is almost like Alice in Wonderland – with paths leading the way to adventure….finding its way to where you do not know…Leopold loves to bring baskets and collect the breakfast straight from the trees – here is mango, sweet and sour lemons , limes and oranges, loquat, guayabo, guava and rose apple. Medicinal trees, tilo and matico are also within this garden. Also herbs of several kinds, avocado , maracuya , coffee, blackberries, bananas , even a mulberry tree. Awesome for juices and smoothies;) Leopold mixes his own favorites…

In the middle of the jungle (this garden) there is a special tree, the boys have discovered it a long time ago…it is a perfect tree for a hut.
It is also well suited for attaching ropes, bridges and playing Tarzan from tree to tree…

There is water supply by an irrigation canal in the summer to keep the garden fertile. There also is a well here…and the water plant is quite close…
There is municipal water and a dug well to underground aquifer which is also supplying the nearby Vilca agua and Vilca vida water companies. There is a well-prepared and roomy kitchen-garden around the house that I rent and it is possible to make others too…The sandy organic soil is uncontaminated by any non- organic material for at least the last 12 years, since the houseowner arrived here – and before that it was left to nature alone….

A tilapia and beautiful coy pond is converted from a swimming pool of 50000 liters.
Leopold particularly enjoys the pond in the owner`s garden, where there are colorful small and big fish and turtles. They keep the mosquitos away… and they live from fruits, lettuce, leaves or whatever falls down from the trees.
We are raw vegans and we do not eat them, still it is like a meditation just to observe them…

It is also pure magic to lie in the hammock and have the great honor of observing various birds feasting on the variety of fruits.
Especially when the tiny, tiny (like a little finger) humming birds come near you while you are resting…it is so magical and beautiful…

There are 5 residences, and total around 500 square meters with additional 150 meters of covered patios and the constructions are of adobe brick and rammed earth (tapia)… spread over two thirds of a hectare, 6500 square meters. These lovely houses are all with ceramic tile with clay roof tiles, blending Ecuadorian and California architectural styles. This is a very secluded property with privacy, still it is close to the village, shops and social life.

The Landlord has no work beside this, all the income of the family comes from renting the houses in the garden,he and his family live in one of the houses here.
Currently the new owner can reside in one house and receive 20000 dollars annual rental income or more ,from the other houses.

The property can be restructured as strata title development with permission to build further units.
Or it can be as it is, there are many options for a family who wants to live simplistic and cheaply and at the same time rent out the other houses – one option is of course to stay in one house and keep the other houses for family and guests.
All the houses and apartments are surrounded by trees and this is good for privacy.
The property is hidden away behind a wall of trees in an established tranquil neighborhood , currently a mix of expatriates and local residents of Vilcabamba, touching on two quiet cul de sacs a couple of hundred meters from the Chamba river…

The nearest neighbor is building a 100 % nature spa, which should be finished within a year.
This nice neighbor`s property, which is on the other side of a road with insignificant traffic (there are only two properties after this, and there is not much traffic in this dead end street), has a drive from another road, and his spa is built in the middle of his vast and green property, it will be some distance away.
They are working with alternative medicine, a health food store and an organic restaurant in Loja and they want to take their business to Vilcabamba. It is an advantage to have this in the town, it is not always easy to find these things in South-America.
This will become a holistic health care centre where they will apply for therapists, healers, masseurs, meditation teachers and so forth.
In case you have any of these qualifications, this can be a wonderful opportunity for you!

The small and peaceful «town» is nearby – it is refreshing to walk up to the centre…a 10 min walk to the main plaza, which has a small and well-kept park with a fountain – where the children love to play. The small shops and restaurants are situated in a square around the park.
The post office is very cosy and the staff there is extremely service minded, they have modern equipment – still it makes you remember a world which existed 50 years ago, which was peaceful…
Actually, Vilcabamba itself is saturated with this nostalgic atmosphere…

All around Vilcabamba there are mature trees everywhere, rusticicly landscaped with paths and gardens. The trees around the houses makes it all very private and magical.
I simply love all the big mountains around Vilcabamba, they provide the extremely pleasant temperature the year around, since the town is situated in the middle of the circular mountain range….
There are paths from the property to town too, as well as adventurous paths everywhere in the mountains and to the river, with fantastic hiking opportunities and amazing horseback-riding trails further up in the Andes mountains.

Moreover there are people from all over the world here in Vilcabamba- with all sorts of healers, teachers and alternative therapists.
This is a place for likeminded people – where children are in focus, there are many home school families here.
Mothers collaborate – there is even an office for mothers of Vilcabamba.

No matter which country you come from, all alternative thinking families are welcome here.
This is indeed the place for enlightened children with conscious parents who seek a holistic life style- here it is possible to be Pure from within – with healthy, happy children where they can feast on all kinds of fruits – the mountains here are abundant with papaya, mango, avocado, banana and more…yes, it is possible to live very inexpensively if you choose to.

We have enjoyed ourselves thoroughly here – we welcome new tenants and hope they will enjoy this Garden of Eden as much as we have done!!!
Finally I will add one thing:
Here in South-America it is important not to be too sissy, pedantic or snobbish- but rather to take life as it unfolds, have a positive outlook, be creative, here you may experience big changes daily or no change at all. You will meet smiles wherever you roam, you will smile yourself, because life here is just wonderful and glorious ;)…

Vilcabamba is famous for longevity, and researchers from the West have visited the town since the 1960`s. Many celebrities from all over the world live here, since this is the place and the surroundings,peace and love, in which they want their children to grow up in.
Loja is the nearest city, about 1 hour away with car, with it`s own airport. Quenca is further away, it is 4 hours from Vilcabamba, this city has a major airport.

The Landlord has not decided yet if he will sell the whole of the property or some of it, but he will definitely sell.

If this prospect is something for you, please contact him at <>
You may also take a look at my photo gallery at Facebook at….



IDea Dali Is this a picture of Leopold? Is he a relative? If a 6 year old really said that…all i can say is wow…that is awesome

IDea Dali:
i am so impressed…i am a teacher and the kids in my class (special ed., poverty area) cannot even get along with each other for an hour …they just want to bicker and annoy and name call each other…it could be heaven to have a boy like leopold…i don’t know how much more i can take of this…i am only a week into this new class and i want to quit…their parents are nothing like you that’s for sure…

These comments above on our Fanpage on Facebook made me write this post:

When we were children here in Norway back in the 1960`s, we had only one TV-channel. The programs usually started at 6 pm with children`s program which lasted for 30 minutes. Likewise we had one radio channel with programs mostly for adults.
We had plenty of time to play and be creative, oftentimes with natural toys, and most of us were blessed with nature nearby – for playful investigation.
Of course this was not a time free of problems – still the mere setting in society gave opportunities for a healthy and natural child development.
Now we live in a technological and electronic society.
I believe there is too much impetus from television and PC games for kids today. Children gradually loose their deep inner connection – and they become addicted to stimulus from outside sources.
They BECOME the environment which shows them what they should BE – not their true and authentic selves. It’s sad to see that television and PC games have become the parent`s relief. This is observation, not criticism – we know that parents do the best they know how. Still – modern society demands that both parents work for an income – and for tired parents electronic devices have become “nanny”.
The kids have been left to a cynical and unfeeling robot world, this is not their origin or the right reason for children to be here on this planet.


Children are therefore “dumbed down” from the beginning of their lives. This is well documented by the retired award winning teacher John Taylor Gatto from New York.
Children are not stimulated to think for themselves – outside authorities and “experts” tell them what to think, what to do and how to behave. They loose contact with their wonderful intuition.
The perfect child is transformed into a problem … a problem to be solved with labels, drugs and pressure to conform to what is regarded as “normal”.
It is the parents’ job to protect the children from this cold programming and degradation , and to reinforce their potential, since they have chosen to become LIFE-givers. This is a big responsibility and not without challenges in modern society, but perhaps we as parents should ask ourselves more often this question:

What is best for my child`s health, growth and happiness?

I understand the despair of parents and teachers in the present world we live in – and can only say that our family has lived without television, newspapers and radio for more than 25 years and has absolutely no mobile phones or online games.
Of course relatives and authorities have criticized us for this philosophy. But why should children adapt to an unbalanced society?
I often hear from others that our children are unusually intelligent, creative and cheerful (some people have even said that our children have been too cheerful – meant as critizism , asking us to control the child`s joy and eagerness, it could interfere with children who are not that happy, PILLS will do the trick! ) – with a healthy self esteem and a deep inner connection.
I do not say this to boast – it is merely a result of choosing conscious parenting and a holistic life style. More and more parents have chosen to do likewise – it is the parenting paradigm shift.

We have many teachers with us on our Facebook Fanpage -conscious parenting -who clearly see the difference in children with natural upbringing and children with online “upbringing”. This can be frustrating, yet at the same time it shows us what is working and what is not working, and moreover it can be a valuable inspiration for making changes.
Many teachers are doing a wonderful job, with big hearts, enthusiasm and courage. However, the school system is not easy to change – a paradigm shift is very much needed. And when more teachers and parents go together, things will have to change!
They will have to change, because we love our children !

Children remain in the world that we show them – we shape them and they copy us. Ironically we complain and project it all on the kids and do not SEE what WE have created – we simply do not accept responsibility for our actions and choices. I believe that we need to become aware and take responsibility in every aspect of parenting. This is what our children need and want – and this is what they will copy and they will then go on to become mature and conscious adults.

It’s not about RIGHT and WRONG, but is it not TIME that we see what we do and have done , with this highly evolved race who have come to visit us with their own light and enlightened and selfless LOVE – a LOVE and LIGHT that WE ADULTS WANT TO SUPRESS ??? 



Always with LOVE 

–Pearl Shanti

The child is the man`s father…

This famous quote from William Wordsworth is very true and profound.

Indeed I have a wonderful example of this from my own relationship with my son Leopold.

As many of you know Pearl Shanti and Leopold moved to the village Vilcabamba in Ecuador last September. I saw them off to London.
At that time they were not online – and I talked to them on the telephone and we wrote letters to each other.
I had a trying period with a law suit against my former employee at that time – and honestly I did not do my very best regarding writing letters to him. It should have been an obvious thing to do – since I was missing them a lot and thinking of them every day. No excuses ! However – somehow I assumed that it was enough to write a lengthy letter to his mother and a short one to him !
Wrong again, of course !
He was a 6 year old who could read and write and the “man” in the family now!
In a beautiful way he reminded me about what my first priority should have been.
Children have this ability to say the truth no matter what.

Here is an excerpt:

Dear papa !
Are you doing well ?
I am 6 years old.
But I wonder why you write very short letters ?
Typical you – a grown up man !
Could you please be so kind to write more the next time?
Hugs from your son Leopold”

Wonderful, isn`t it?

It is said that the truth shall set us free. And our greatest mentors are our children. They love us more than we can understand – and this we unfortunately tend to forget in the busy,so called “important”, grown up timeframe.

My son taught me a valuable lesson here – for which I am eternally grateful.

Greetings from the Andes

Dear friends worldwide !

The family is now safely settled in Vilcabamba, Ecuador – and Leopold Light (6)finds everything very exciting. There is no internet connection yet – still we feel everybodys Love and we send you all our warmest thoughts and blessings.
Pearl Shanti will soon start blogging regularly !
Pearl Shanti also has some exciting projects coming up – it is a secret for the time being.
This project , which will be launched January 1 st,will be very beneficial for children and, of course, even more so for the grown ups.

Eternal LOVE from Pearl Shanti, high up in the Andes !



Always in our hearts

Dearest, most beautiful friend ….

Our family has been through a very special time….time for growth….care…..understanding….changing of plans…..development and joy…..insight and choices…


Leopold Light and his hen Jolle

Leopold Light and his hen Jolle

It was and still is an enormous joy to think about the huge family we have in the MULTI MEDIA WORLD..the world with all our new and old friends…where our hearts are full of LOVE….it is a joy for us to have had the honour to be joined especially with YOU….YOU the chosen one…who is chosen to be a wayshower for the new generation..The Children of Gaia…our children..not mine…not yours…but our…….WE ARE ONE FAMILY….THE FAMILY OF LIFE AND LOVE…..

The keys to the children`s new world are within all of us…but every change starts within each of us….the key is FREEDOM…..THE FREEDOM to be ourselves…..

Our philosopher son Leopold Light

Our philosopher son Leopold Light

If we show our children trust…we give them the opportunity to choose what is right…what is right for them….what is right for them does not necessarily mean what we think is right for them….yet….LOVE is to accept their choices….no matter what…then we have given them the most important key…..FREEDOM……..THE FREEDOM to choose………

We would like to share a little of our experiences the last 6 months………Our family had made our plans for the coming year…..however Andiran`s father had to stay at the hospital for a long time, his health condition was severely aggravated………therefore we felt it necessary to change our plans……..

Although it was a time with some uncertainty and apprehension regarding father`s stay at the hospital, our oldest son felt that our prolonged stay in Norway was a positive blessing for him – because he wanted to explore more of Norway……….

Instead of going to the Andes in December last year – which we announced- Pearl Shanti and the children travelled in the mountains in Norway during winter time – while Andiran spent most of his time with his father……….

Now we are near the coast and we will stay here….and then leaving for the Andes at the end of the summer…….thus it all became a natural part of the children`s education…..the lessons of life………………….
As you probably know, our son Alex has been home/un- schooled so far, and now his compulsory years are over.
Our plan is to continue his education by going abroad for some years – and since Leopold Light is home/un- schooled as well – we have the freedom to continue and teach our children the way we choose.

Father is doing fine now;))……but it has been a tittilating strain for all of us……..more than anything to learn to be understanding, flexible and listen to everybody`s wishes…..even though we had looked forward to go last December and everything was prepared.
The children are strongly showing what they stand for and are proud of their choices…we are happy that we managed to postpone our trip in right time to stay with father…..

The Andes trip was postponed…..but now father is doing fine…so it looks like we can use the rest of 2011for OUR adventure………

We told that we would return to Facebook in the beginning of 2011…..this has of course been totally impossible for us.
We have had almost no time to spare and been unable to communicate online.

We do not know exactly when we will be online again….we will visit though from time to time……..

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the emails, letters and gifts that we have received….we apologize for our late answer…..but know that your words are read when we have time….and they mean sooooo much to us……..thank you for warming our hearts !!!!

We will always be thrilled to hear from you……YOU are always in our hearts……….

Pearl Shanti`s favorite quote is very relevant for our last 6 months:

” Challenge does not come to small people………………Challenge comes to GREAT people……” –GB3

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

You are the carrier of your own truth……..

Everything you ever need you have inside….everything else is an illusion…

You are perfect…..and we LOVE you…..

Someone is waiting exactly for you…… have something valuable to share from you heart… know it is there – ready to use……..


We will be in touch… all the very best and lots of LOVE, light and positive energy!!! “

Pearl Shanti and Andiran Lodur-Lionheart

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We have to say Goodbye for now…

Dear beautiful friend and amazing soul !

This is an open letter to the world.

We have for some weeks now been thinking about what to do next.
With a heavy heart we have made a decision, heavy because we daily receive mails from people who need our help and whom we have helped to a better life.
Therefore it was not an easy choice.
But we will always be connected in our hearts.

Beautiful friend, listen to what we are sharing here.

There is a paradigm shift happening NOW – and the earth is undergoing great changes. This can absolutely be noticed on the personal level too.
For the last months of 2010 we have decided to focus within and leave the PC world.
We feel that this is the best way for us to help ourselves, humanity and Mother Earth.

In the same way our family is working towards our personal portal of ascension, which is in the Andes.
We will use some months for this transformation…
In this period Pearl Shanti will again be living on Light and surrender completely to prana yoga – this time it will be for good.
When she does this – she is not only changing the level of consciousness in herself – she is also changing the level of consciousness for those around her.
Many people on the earth are doing this – in order to be of service for humanity – and to increase the level of consciousness in mankind.
It is about GIVING. The best thing ever is to GIVE LOVE ! Pearl Shanti is now going deep within to give her LOVE to humanity in this process of change.

Healing mother Earth

Healing mother Earth

Our plan is to be back in the PC world early next year.

It is about focusing within – focusing on LOVE – and focusing on what we want to create in the world.
As Gandhi said:

” Be the change you want to see in the world “

Live as an example. Be LOVE !

We have our fan pages on Facebook

Conscious Parenting

How to give birth as a Goddess

Let`s start a conscious parenting movement

Holistic Life Style

Bevisste foreldre

We are also contributors on,Canada – under Parenting – as well as experts on, the worlds biggest self development blog with more than 1.2 million visitors per month.

We will blog occasionally – and this will be shared on our Pages…

In order to live as an example we have chosen to live a holistic life style – to live in simplicity.
And in complete consciousness.

It is about being conscious in every aspect of  life —in every choice…

20 years ago we withdrew from the ordinary 3 D world – and gave up cars, TV, newspapers and material needs…

10 months ago we entered the PC world – we felt we had a message to the world.

We were received with open arms – and have met so many warm,wise and loving friends and beautiful souls…
It is very touching to see how BIG the Lightworker Family really is – we are all ONE !
This is the world we are now creating together.

Together we ARE the CHANGE – YOU are the one you have been waiting for.

Our heart core is the children in the world.
They are wise souls who are the wayshowers for the adults who have lost their way.
They show us what LIFE is …they are LOVE !!!
Humanity has forgotten both Life and LOVE.
Open your heartdoor wide – because noone can escape this enveloping LOVE which will touch everyone in this time of awakening.
We are the Children of the Universe.
The difference is that we have grown up – we have to grow down to become the child again.
Then we are creating the new world.

Beautiful friend, please know that we will be back and that we always will be the Family of LOVE-ONE…

We are humbly sharing this with you and most of all to tell you how much we LOVE you…

Thank you so much for being in our lives !!!

Always with LOVE
Pearl Shanti and Andiran



Author`s Bio:



Pearl Shanti and Andiran are the Founders of the Fan Page Conscious Parenting on Facebook.
They are regular contributors on, Canada – with more than 100.000 members.
And experts on – with more than 1.2 million visitors per month.
Moreover they write articles for several alternative magazines in Norway and other parts of the world.

They live a holistic life style on their organic farm in the mountains, with home school for their children.
The children are their passion – and their vision is to improve the conditions for the children in the world.

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are healers, writers,metaphysicians and teach yoga,meditation and give lectures on self growth. They are Rebirthers,Reiki Grand Masters and facilitators for The Melchizedek Method.

” We LOVE to help people improve their lives – and to help families to live in harmony, LOVE and health.

The best thing ever is to help others to the life they dream about.
The children are the greatest treasures on earth – and it is our purpose to help parents become more conscious and support their children to bring forth their highest potential.

Life is a joy – and not a struggle…

Our experiences in our own life have shown us that conscious parenting works. We are here to serve in a truthful and humble way.”
–Pearl Shanti and Andiran

Feel free to visit our blog
Visit us on Conscious Parenting, Holistic Life Style and How to give birth as a Goddess on Facebook

We Godessess’ and painless birthing

We share this beautiful article by our dear friend, Sophia Roy from Hyderabad, India – which confirms that painless births are indeed possible and more common than people know.
This has been going on like this on our planet for thousands of years – and now women all over the world are reclaiming their feminine power – after the illusions presented by modern medicine.
Women remember again…the power of LOVE…they have come to the earth to give life as Goddesses.

av Sophia Roy

We in the East have always believed in our Godess power and this is the legacy of all our Mothers from the begining of time.

Birth is as sacred,painless,joyful and beautiful as we chose to make it.

Sharing my own experience—-I have two children —both delivered easily and happily.Went to the hospital on my husband’s motorbike as soon as contractions started.The doctors were amazed as they were surprised to see a 20 year old girl coming in from the pouring rain to be delivered.The first time it was a feeling of not knowing but my baby and me were in perfect sync.We were cheered along by a young intern who was also a close friend.None of my other relatives were around.It was the most precious moment of my life.I was honoured by the birth of my son Sameer.

The second time round was even easier as i knew what to expect!. Again we went to the hospital on the bike as there was no other transport available so early in the morning.Since I had allready done this previously there was no stress or discomfort.I reached hospital and started birthing. The labour was short and over in 45 minutes! —I had a lovely daughter —Shurobi —in my arms.

As soon as I returned from the labour room to my room in the hospital I had a wash,changed and applied my usual make up. I was on a happiness high . When the doctor entered to check on me i was chatting with my sister-in-laws.She wanted to know who the patient was? I replied that there was no patient but a happy young mother—Me!!

In a few hours my son returned from kindergarten and had lunch with me.As usual ,he did his homework- with me by his side–only this time we were sitting in the hospital room.

He enjoyed the lovely moments with his sister—as did my husband with his lovely daughter !!

I would love to be a part of your group——-in spreading this beautiful wisdom of —Joyful—-painless —-birthing .

love and blessings!

I am a certified PLR Therapist, Healing facilitator, Life coach, Counselor and Tantra trainer. Am a spiritual being and not affiliated to any organized religion. Have a great connection to all Goddess energies, Christ, Buddha and Shiva .I know we are Spiritual Beings on an Earthly journey. Love babies, animals and plants and communicate with them easily.
Love music and use it intensively for meditation and therapy. Flowers, candles and aroma are an integral part of my life.
I am a poet, writer, and a free lance journalist. I have carried columns in news papers on a variety of topics—–gardening, interiors, corporate culture, ect.Have numerous poems published in English, also a lot of fiction and poetry in Hindi [India's official language]. Am writing a novel and a text book and work for Air India at present.

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Always with LOVE
Pearl Shanti and Andiran

Children make us think !!!!


children and animal love

children and animal love

By The Founders of conscious parenting on Facebook – Pearl Shanti and Andiran Lodur-Lionheart.

There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
It is all about what WORKS
When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
When you live your life in BLISS
You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

For many years children have asked us this question:

“Why do we kill to survive ?
Do we have to eat meat ?
What is meat ?
Why do the animals have to die – so we can eat ?
IF we LOVE animals – why eat them ? “

Children are thinkers – they are philosophers and have a deeper contact with their body, feelings and intuition than we adults usually have.
What has saddened us to observe is how strongly adults react when children question their choices and decisions and what is important in LIFE.
Far too often the question is hushed up with explanations intending to convince the child and a fear to let go of what the child is questioning.
Grown ups may say that the native Indians and aboriginals are very spiritual people – and that they consume meat in “ A VERY RESPECTFUL WAY “ – following that is must be both right and spiritual….
“ So please stop this nonsense and eat your chop ! “

It is more important for the parent to hold on to the conviction than listening to his own body – and least of all listen to what the child is sharing about his own body and thoughts.

This summer many teenagers have been visiting us, and they have shared their feelings.
They feel it is very frustrating not to be seen for who they are.
They tell their parents that they no longer will eat animals – a being with a beating heart, eyes that see and a brain that thinks.

They are laughed at and mocked by the grown ups, who say things like:

- You kill the lettuce too !
- Then you can eat animals – they do not have brains to think with!
- Such nonsense !
- You live here – and have to eat what is served !
- You can choose when you are 18 !

If we do not take their questions seriously – do we respect our children then ?

This summer a teenager girl asked us when the adults were going to grow up.
She said:

“ They have forgotten to be children – yet they do not act like adults – they are in between somewhere. They seem to be like a robot – without feelings – and who is not able to do anything besides what it is programmed to do. “

Why do children ask these questions ?

It makes you think, doesn`t it ?

We think these questions are fantastic !

If you have been eating meat your whole life and enjoy it – there is nothing wrong with that. Celebrate your choices.
Yet – one day you might receive a message from within. Your body simply wakes up one morning and refuse to eat more animal products.
This happened with me, Pearl Shanti.
Suddenly I saw a deeper meaning with life- and EVERYTHING living.

During my whole childhood I asked the same questions as the ones we were asked this summer.
I come from a butcher`s family with Italian bloodlines – where food and family means EVERYTHING.
There was ALWAYS healthy and FRESH GOURMET food on the table.
But for me – eating meat was just not right….

So I know very well how it is to be a child with a deep inner contact – being “forced” to eat something which feels unnatural.
I was mostly respected in my childhood – and the table was always abundant with fruits, vegetables and nuts…as long as I ate a LITTLE meat, anyway.
I continued with this as I grew into adulthood.

But 15 years ago – when my oldest boy was conceived, this changed. When I was pregnant – I had dreams at night and visions in the daytime, where he told me that he wanted to live in his new body as a vegetarian.
After that first conversation with my son – my life changed completely.
It was easy to stop –because I previously had just tasted a little meat at family dinners on rare occasions.
So imagine the challenge being educated as a French Gourmet Chef ???

I became more and more conscious and I went through a period of a powerful personal growth.
To be sure I had stood out throughout the years – with my spirituality, healing abilities and being a health freak.

But there is more to it than that….

Everything is a step in the development process.

As a meat eater(which we learn from our parents) we wake up one day and become a vegetarian.

Later we feel it is right to become a vegan.

All the time our body tell us the next step, the next level of consciousness.

Some choose to become raw foodists, focusing on living foods or becoming fruitarian.
Some think that this is the highest level of consciousness , but it is only a rung on a long ladder.
We may choose to “jump” the whole ladder at once, if the body allows it. Or we may choose one rung at the time – following the body`s needs – which are the opposite of the ego.

Our body will tell us the next step – if we really LISTEN.

The next step is to live on LIGHT –prana.

Something which is unfamiliar in the western societies , but well known in India.
We nourish ourselves on our inner LIGHT, BREATH and only focus on EVERYTHING POSITIVE.
The level of consciousness is now enormous.

But there is more…

The next level is to live on LIGHT, prana – without water.

Are there still more levels of consciousness ?

Yes indeed, many more…

When we lived in India we lived close to Sri Aurobindo`s ashram. Nearby was a wide river. Lowered in the water, a yogi was sitting with a stone anchor tied around his waist.
We could see his movements when he changed his position now and then. When we left he had been sitting there for 3 months.

Many think that this MUST BE A HOAX. Maybe we had thought so too –unless we hadn`t witnessed it ourselves.

Oftentimes we get the following question:

“Everything is living – so what is the difference between a leaf of lettuce and a chicken ? “

We usually give two answers at the same time :


Because everything is ALIVE and a part of our consciousness process on the path to enlightenment .
Yet –the feelings of an animal and ourselves are closer to each other from a soul perspective.
At the same time I have been so lucky to see into the plant kingdom where they live with a cellular intelligence surpassing that of animals and humans.
And plants give us more than food. Without the plants we would not have existed. They create the air that we pollute – the air that we and our children breathe.
They are very much alive – and it is not more “right” to eat them than the animals. Yet they contribute on the next step of awakening . A connecting link between living on meat and living on LIGHT .

In India we made a funny discovery. There was this green little bush called “Touch me not”. This bush proves that plants have FEELINGS.
As soon it is touched – it withdraws….

This is something our family respects – in our process of awakening.
We have one vegetarian, one fruititonist, raw foodists and one who has mastered living on LIGHT.
We do not critize each other`s decisisons.
In our home the food is served according to our specific choice.

In Italy there is this an amazing ashram , near Torino, where they have researched on the frequencies of plants and the the love frequency they send out to people in form of colour, light and tones. This has been recorded and it is easy to hear the song of the plants.

The Welsh Plant Medicine Healer Colin Kingshott sells CD`s with the healing music from plants.
Many children are able to see animal spirits and plant spirits and their beauty. They can hear them as well.
This is why children are questioning our robot-like and sleepy habits.
It is all about different forms and levels of consciousness – WE ARE ALL

We are ONE with the ANIMAL KINGDOM !
We are ONE with the PLANT KINGDOM !
We can choose to respect ALL LIFE FORMS !

Again, we need not feel guilty for eating meat. Yet – we ask you to be open when a child tells you that she doesn`t like to eat meat. We do because it is a habit….children may easily form new and better habits, because they are closer to source and have a stronger contact with their body temples.

Yes – the plants have feelings – and they also give their life.
Receive Mother Earth`s gifts of abundance with HONOUR,RESPECT AND HUMILITY.

Give thanks to each tomato!
Give thanks to each lettuce leaf !
Hug a tree, become grounded and receive healing!
Everything lives !

How can we live on LIGHT ?

The answer is that we have EVERYTHING WITHIN.

There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
It is all about what WORKS
When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
When you live your life in BLISS
You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

All the time we are in the magical valley of transformation where there is a ladder waiting for ALL of us – if we are willing to see.
Some climb the rungs with care – others with full openness.
The children knew about this valley all the time.
And when we make excuses – we pull them away from the Valley of Truth….

So the question is:

How do we answer this question – when the child has his/her own truth within ?

Respectfully and humbly shared with LOVE

Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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