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What Christmas is all about

“To Give…is my only TRUE LOVE…. !!! That’s what Christmas is ALL about!” This Year,I will CELEBRATE Christmas in a VERY Special way,with those who have less than my self… It is time for Christmas ,wh ich means GIVING from your Heart… It is Christmas again. AlthoughI do not celebrate a materialistic Christmas,I have some […]

An evening to remember, an opportunity to help – Una velada para recordar, una oportunidad para ayudar.

“Welcome dear. You are so lucky that you will get this blog post in two languages, English and Spanish .. Please Enjoy!” Bienvenido estimado(a), usted es muy afortunado(a) que obtendrá esta entrada a la publicación en el blog en dos idiomas, inglés y español.. Por favor, disfrute! “   I have an announcement to make […]