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Be the boss when you give birth – a want list to the birth clinic

Initially I wanted home birth, but for medical reasons this was not possible. I had to accept the facts, but still I wanted to be the boss – I wanted to do it my way. The health professionals were going to do what they were educated for….which was to assist me. To the Birth Clinic […]

Conscious Birth

After having a conscious conception and a conscious pregnancy, it was natural for me to focus all my attention on a conscious birth. It was all about connecting with the body and listen to the intuition. And it was about a cooperation with the health professionals at the hospital, who had received my 4-page want […]

Conscious Pregnancy

Many who read this story will open their hearts and minds. Others will react with anger and be provoked. Some will disprove and refer to books and channeled messages. This doesn`t mean anything to us. Pearl Shanti is just sharing what she remembers. People may react as they like. We do not try to convince […]