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The child is the man`s father…

This famous quote from William Wordsworth is very true and profound. Indeed I have a wonderful example of this from my own relationship with my son Leopold. As many of you know Pearl Shanti and Leopold moved to the village Vilcabamba in Ecuador last September. I saw them off to London.At that time they were […]

We have to say Goodbye for now…

Dear beautiful friend and amazing soul ! This is an open letter to the world. We have for some weeks now been thinking about what to do next. With a heavy heart we have made a decision, heavy because we daily receive mails from people who need our help and whom we have helped to […]

Conscious conception

To make a baby is more than chance, as a random result and side -effect of intercourse. When we were contacted by a beautiful soul who called herself Chant Mabelle, we were delighted ! This was in May 2003, and we were living in the village of Masinagudi near Ooty in Southern-India. We felt honoured […]