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Being normal is the opposite of being Natural!!!

*The children are here to LIVE out their best potential-they are not here to please you! But to be “I AM”- it should be your greatest JOY!!! If the children are not supported for their uniqueness, they start automatically copying their surroundings, they are then shaped into copies of copies – with their grief, with the hope […]

*The Crystal Essence is within you-It always was!!!*

By Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart Note! (This letter is for YOU as well as for me-we are ALL in the same TRANSIT ) *Beloveds Angels on Earth – Please know that is your Blessing that this has been tough!!! * Many people have written to me while I myself had to take a break from the […]

Children are Philosophers

  “Children are born Philosophers, they are closer to their source of truth than educated adults… A child has not learned to lose the ability to his/hers profound insight & connection to the CREATOR of ALL LIFE!” Indeed this is something we as adults can benefit greatly from. Our children are teachers – showing us […]

Live authenticly, be yourself and you will master everything that happens in 2012…

*Life on Earth*LIVE YOUR LIFE - DON´T JUST THINK IT!!! “I AM IN LOVE There is soooo much more than meets the eye.. I am in LOVE with ALL the youth on this planet… There is something here … something big that I can not quite manage to see fully and completely yet … I can just […]

The Miracle

………..♥ The miracle is you… ♥   Because you are a Messenger…YOU have a heart with an aboundance of love – longing for a new enlightened age…You have always known that there is a deeper meaning with life…You have always been seeking beyond the beyond…You have always been seeking the truth…That`s why we have met […]

Children are Mankinds Precious Gifts – does the society value them ?

The newborn baby is looking out, ready to embrace the wonderful world, a new life.     The baby is coming from a place free of limitations, materialism, violence and war. He is enveloped in a glow of safety, unconditional love, the light and the freedom to be…himself. The devoted love a baby brings to […]