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*The Crystal Essence is within you-It always was!!!*

By Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart Note! (This letter is for YOU as well as for me-we are ALL in the same TRANSIT ) *Beloveds Angels on Earth – Please know that is your Blessing that this has been tough!!! * Many people have written to me while I myself had to take a break from the […]

Be You !

This is what Pearl Shanti posted on Facebook in November 2013, which gave an interesting response. This dialogue, including Pearl Shanti`s reply, is shared in this uplifting post:   ” Everyone have the opportunity to find LOVE, Compassion and *THE* LIGHT….It is not far away,it NEVER is….It lies within us ALL……Just waiting to be discovered […]

Always in our hearts

Dearest, most beautiful friend …. Our family has been through a very special time….time for growth….care…..understanding….changing of plans…..development and joy…..insight and choices…   It was and still is an enormous joy to think about the huge family we have in the MULTI MEDIA WORLD..the world with all our new and old friends…where our hearts are […]

We have to say Goodbye for now…

Dear beautiful friend and amazing soul ! This is an open letter to the world. We have for some weeks now been thinking about what to do next. With a heavy heart we have made a decision, heavy because we daily receive mails from people who need our help and whom we have helped to […]