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The child is the man`s father…

This famous quote from William Wordsworth is very true and profound. Indeed I have a wonderful example of this from my own relationship with my son Leopold. As many of you know Pearl Shanti and Leopold moved to the village Vilcabamba in Ecuador last September. I saw them off to London. At that time they […]

Children are Mankind’s Precious Gifts – does the society value them ?

By Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart The newborn baby is looking out, ready to embrace the wonderful world, a new life.   The Miracle of Life   The baby is coming from a place free of limitations, materialism, violence and war. He is enveloped in a glow of safety, unconditional love, the light and the freedom to […]

Being normal is the opposite of being Natural!!!

*The children are here to LIVE out their best potential-they are not here to please you! But to be “I AM”- it should be your greatest JOY!!! If the children are not supported for their uniqueness, they start automatically copying their surroundings, they are then shaped into copies of copies – with their grief, with the hope […]

Children are Philosophers

  “Children are born Philosophers, they are closer to their source of truth than educated adults… A child has not learned to lose the ability to his/hers profound insight & connection to the CREATOR of ALL LIFE!” Indeed this is something we as adults can benefit greatly from. Our children are teachers – showing us […]

Listen to the Youth – a whisper from a loving heart

In connection with my fan page “Conscious Parenting” on Facebook I am contacted daily by youth in despair, via my private mail. They ask for my guidance,support and understanding. They want me to explain to them how humanity acts and thinks. They are confused about that, they are not being accepted for what they […]