Lesson from my children: “What’s his problem?!”

Last week Enlightened Children introduced our guest blogger, Tim Van Der Vliet from Amsterdam,Holland. This week he will share the following blog post with us:

Lesson from my children: “What's his problem?!”


Two of the terrible three (my 3 older children of 17, 15 and 12) are fighting over … (I really don’t know what it’s about).

One of them says, no yells: “Daddy!!! She’s doing (bla di bla – fill in whatever you like) to me!!!

I say: “Hey, the only thing you can blame me for is that I have made you two.

But so did your mama so go and ask her if she wants to be your referee.”

They never go to mama. They fight their fights and solve them themselves.

No more referee daddy Tim.

Later when all is quiet and Zen from Amsterdam has returned, I say:

“ Girls! Great problem solving you two!”

Sitting in peace next to each other they look at me and I can hear them think:

“What’s his problem?!”


If you feel this blog can help somebody else, please forward it. They may be grateful. I sure would!!

Link to blog: http://www.timvandervliet.com/blog/


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