The child is the man`s father…

This famous quote from William Wordsworth is very true and profound.

Indeed I have a wonderful example of this from my own relationship with my son Leopold.

As many of you know Pearl Shanti and Leopold moved to the village Vilcabamba in Ecuador last September. I saw them off to London.
At that time they were not online – and I talked to them on the telephone and we wrote letters to each other.
I had a trying period with a law suit against my former employee at that time – and honestly I did not do my very best regarding writing letters to him. It should have been an obvious thing to do – since I was missing them a lot and thinking of them every day. No excuses ! However – somehow I assumed that it was enough to write a lengthy letter to his mother and a short one to him !
Wrong again, of course !
He was a 6 year old who could read and write and the “man” in the family now!
In a beautiful way he reminded me about what my first priority should have been.
Children have this ability to say the truth no matter what.

Here is an excerpt:

Dear papa !
Are you doing well ?
I am 6 years old.
But I wonder why you write very short letters ?
Typical you – a grown up man !
Could you please be so kind to write more the next time?
Hugs from your son Leopold”

Wonderful, isn`t it?

It is said that the truth shall set us free. And our greatest mentors are our children. They love us more than we can understand – and this we unfortunately tend to forget in the busy,so called “important”, grown up timeframe.

My son taught me a valuable lesson here – for which I am eternally grateful.

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