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children and animal love
By The Founder of conscious parenting on Facebook – Pearl Shanti


There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
It is all about what WORKS
When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
When you live your life in BLISS
You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

For many years children have asked us this question:

“Why do we kill to survive ?
Do we have to eat meat ?
What is meat ?
Why do the animals have to die – so we can eat ?
IF we LOVE animals – why eat them ? ”

Children are thinkers – they are philosophers and have a deeper contact with their body, feelings and intuition than we adults usually have.
What has saddened us to observe is how strongly adults react when children question their choices and decisions and what is important in LIFE.
Far too often the question is hushed up with explanations intending to convince the child and a fear to let go of what the child is questioning.
Grown ups may say that the native Indians and aboriginals are very spiritual people – and that they consume meat in “ A VERY RESPECTFUL WAY “ – following that is must be both right and spiritual….
“ So please stop this nonsense and eat your chop ! “

It is more important for the parent to hold on to the conviction than listening to his own body – and least of all listen to what the child is sharing about his own body and thoughts.

This summer many teenagers have been visiting us, and they have shared their feelings.
They feel it is very frustrating not to be seen for who they are.
They tell their parents that they no longer will eat animals – a being with a beating heart, eyes that see and a brain that thinks.

They are laughed at and mocked by the grown ups, who say things like:

- You kill the lettuce too !
- Then you can eat animals – they do not have brains to think with!
- Such nonsense !
- You live here – and have to eat what is served !
- You can choose when you are 18 !

If we do not take their questions seriously – do we respect our children then ?

This summer a teenager girl asked us when the adults were going to grow up.
She said:

“ They have forgotten to be children – yet they do not act like adults – they are in between somewhere. They seem to be like a robot – without feelings – and who is not able to do anything besides what it is programmed to do. “

Why do children ask these questions ?

It makes you think, doesn`t it ?

We think these questions are fantastic !

If you have been eating meat your whole life and enjoy it – there is nothing wrong with that. Celebrate your choices.
Yet – one day you might receive a message from within. Your body simply wakes up one morning and refuse to eat more animal products.
This happened with me, Pearl Shanti.
Suddenly I saw a deeper meaning with life- and EVERYTHING living.

During my whole childhood I asked the same questions as the ones we were asked this summer.
I come from a butcher`s family with Italian bloodlines – where food and family means EVERYTHING.
There was ALWAYS healthy and FRESH GOURMET food on the table.
But for me – eating meat was just not right….

So I know very well how it is to be a child with a deep inner contact – being “forced” to eat something which feels unnatural.
I was mostly respected in my childhood – and the table was always abundant with fruits, vegetables and nuts…as long as I ate a LITTLE meat, anyway.
I continued with this as I grew into adulthood.

But 15 years ago – when my oldest boy was conceived, this changed. When I was pregnant – I had dreams at night and visions in the daytime, where he told me that he wanted to live in his new body as a vegetarian.
After that first conversation with my son – my life changed completely.
It was easy to stop –because I previously had just tasted a little meat at family dinners on rare occasions.
So imagine the challenge being educated as a French Gourmet Chef ???

I became more and more conscious and I went through a period of a powerful personal growth.
To be sure I had stood out throughout the years – with my spirituality, healing abilities and being a health freak.

But there is more to it than that….

Everything is a step in the development process.

As a meat eater(which we learn from our parents) we wake up one day and become a vegetarian.

Later we feel it is right to become a vegan.

All the time our body tell us the next step, the next level of consciousness.

Some choose to become raw foodists, focusing on living foods or becoming fruitarian.
Some think that this is the highest level of consciousness , but it is only a rung on a long ladder.
We may choose to “jump” the whole ladder at once, if the body allows it. Or we may choose one rung at the time – following the body`s needs – which are the opposite of the ego.

Our body will tell us the next step – if we really LISTEN.

The next step is to live on LIGHT –prana.

Something which is unfamiliar in the western societies , but well known in India.
We nourish ourselves on our inner LIGHT, BREATH and only focus on EVERYTHING POSITIVE.
The level of consciousness is now enormous.

But there is more…

The next level is to live on LIGHT, prana – without water.

Are there still more levels of consciousness ?

Yes indeed, many more…

When we lived in India we lived close to Sri Aurobindo`s ashram. Nearby was a wide river. Lowered in the water, a yogi was sitting with a stone anchor tied around his waist.
We could see his movements when he changed his position now and then. When we left he had been sitting there for 3 months.

Many think that this MUST BE A HOAX. Maybe we had thought so too –unless we hadn`t witnessed it ourselves.

Oftentimes we get the following question:

“Everything is living – so what is the difference between a leaf of lettuce and a chicken ? “

We usually give two answers at the same time :


Because everything is ALIVE and a part of our consciousness process on the path to enlightenment .
Yet –the feelings of an animal and ourselves are closer to each other from a soul perspective.
At the same time I have been so lucky to see into the plant kingdom where they live with a cellular intelligence surpassing that of animals and humans.
And plants give us more than food. Without the plants we would not have existed. They create the air that we pollute – the air that we and our children breathe.
They are very much alive – and it is not more “right” to eat them than the animals. Yet they contribute on the next step of awakening . A connecting link between living on meat and living on LIGHT .

In India we made a funny discovery. There was this green little bush called “Touch me not”. This bush proves that plants have FEELINGS.
As soon it is touched – it withdraws….

This is something our family respects – in our process of awakening.
We have one vegetarian, one fruititonist, raw foodists and one who has mastered living on LIGHT.
We do not critize each other`s decisisons.
In our home the food is served according to our specific choice.

In Italy there is this an amazing ashram , near Torino, where they have researched on the frequencies of plants and the the love frequency they send out to people in form of colour, light and tones. This has been recorded and it is easy to hear the song of the plants.

The Welsh Plant Medicine Healer Colin Kingshott sells CD`s with the healing music from plants.
Many children are able to see animal spirits and plant spirits and their beauty. They can hear them as well.
This is why children are questioning our robot-like and sleepy habits.
It is all about different forms and levels of consciousness – WE ARE ALL

We are ONE with the ANIMAL KINGDOM !
We are ONE with the PLANT KINGDOM !
We can choose to respect ALL LIFE FORMS !

Again, we need not feel guilty for eating meat. Yet – we ask you to be open when a child tells you that she doesn`t like to eat meat. We do because it is a habit….children may easily form new and better habits, because they are closer to source and have a stronger contact with their body temples.

Yes – the plants have feelings – and they also give their life.
Receive Mother Earth`s gifts of abundance with HONOUR,RESPECT AND HUMILITY.

Give thanks to each tomato!
Give thanks to each lettuce leaf !
Hug a tree, become grounded and receive healing!
Everything lives !

How can we live on LIGHT ?

The answer is that we have EVERYTHING WITHIN.

There is no right or wrong way to live YOUR Life…
It is about what make you and your family HAPPY,HEALTHY AND WEALTHY in every area of LIFE
It is all about what WORKS
When you have found what works for you and your Family – then you live your life in BLISS
When you live your life in BLISS
You live in PEACE, LOVE AND HARMONY every day !
Nobody else but YOU can tell if you have found this KEY OF LIFE

All the time we are in the magical valley of transformation where there is a ladder waiting for ALL of us – if we are willing to see.
Some climb the rungs with care – others with full openness.
The children knew about this valley all the time.
And when we make excuses – we pull them away from the Valley of Truth….

So the question is:

How do we answer this question – when the child has his/her own truth within ?


Respectfully and humbly shared with LOVE

Pearl Shanti

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