LIFE…… A START OVER for young girls in South America

I am starting this charity project with pure LOVE and all I have. My heart is here for the young girls and women.

I will LOVE to share a little secret with YOU that I am now starting up here in Ecuador … It looks like I can tell you all within the next two weeks… I am looking soooo very much forward to that day that I can share it ALL with you..
I’m not going to divulge the total of my project yet,it will come more very soon, but I will share some of my LOVE with you today …

I want to give my LOVE to the young girls who need my support for a start over in their life .. I want to help the young and poor people to a new LIFE,………THEIR LIFE, a helping hand just to support their own “HELP to SELF- help” in their own LIFE -  with work, food, accommodation and education – to help them achieve what they really want out of LIFE, this is A START OVER!!! …

They ALL have tough and challenging backgrounds and childhood, and they want out…
I am building up a trustworthy relationship… Giving them my HEART,LOVE,EARS and my TEARS…

Stay tuned,I will share sooo much with you on this….. I feel that you have something to SHARE on this too…

Oooooh how wonderful it is to be showered in this BLISSFUL LOVE frequency that envelops us all in this AMAZING time.

Hearts are bursting with unstoppable human LOVE, LIGHT and JOY ,when one gets the honor of meeting the Angels who have come to LIGHT and GIVE hope.
In this regard, I am in daily meetings about the starting of my charitable foundation.

And today my assistant and me were in a meeting with the President of Loja, who blessed this new project with an open mind and a bountiful heart. He is a wonderful man who supports LOVE-filled cases.

I LOVE to share about this with YOU, and now it is just right before the web page is ready for presentation.. Stay tuned for the HEARTS will SING and SOULS will DANCE..

But most of all I am sending my Gratitude to my assistant :
“My Personal Chief Coordinator”
“Mi Jefe Coordinador de Personal” Roberto Melendez … Thank you for always being there for me and that we cooperate so amazingly well for this project, as ONE … You are my right hand and a great Blessing … Thank you for coming into my life. Together we make this come through… You are a Precious Gift from the Universe,thank you Roberto!

Pearl Shanti, Roberto Melendez and MORE were out all day on Monday June 3 rd 2013 with the film crew, to create a documentary movie for the charity foundation.
It was touching to be there among single parents and children , while we made the short documentary film.This film is intended to be documentation for the main meeting for members and our professional team on Saturday, June 8 2013, also held at Mamma Silvia restaurant in Vilcabamba.

Web pages,links,photos,Organization number,name of the company and everything will be revealed when all that I work with now is 100% ready to be shared… I will need two more weeks and then it looks like it is time to GIVE you all the details..

The gift of GIVING is MY GIFT of LIVING

Just a question :
Would you like to join me and my Team on the Officially Opening of my Charity Foundation, which is made of Pure LOVE – and then ,on the same day there will be the Official release of my parenting book in Spanish (the English version is on its way out) here in Ecuador in the Andes …
It will be in a about 3 months…… Details will come later …
There are many surprises behind this question, follow me and get more info…….. But , would you come ?

Always with love

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart


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  1. Bulk SMS says:

    Perfect write-up! This info really made me stop plus ponder above it. I go along with much with the information you might have created. I should read this over and over.

  2. redaktør says:

    I appreciate it !

    Andiran Lionheart
    Secretary for
    Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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