Being normal is the opposite of being Natural!!!

*The children are here to LIVE out their best potential-they are not here to please you!
But to be “I AM”- it should be your greatest JOY!!!

Children wants to copy

If the children are not supported for their uniqueness, they start automatically copying their surroundings, they are then shaped into copies of copies – with their grief, with the hope of being seen and accepted as perfect. Which is an enormous tragedy, since they entered this planet in a 100% perfect state – as being themselves !!!

The image shared here today is painful and strong, it shows the truth about what our children lose in themselves with the application techniques that surround us in everyday life, which constantly tells what is “wrong” with the body.
It is natural for children at a young age to begin to compare themselves with others-to get the attention of society.

This not only changes the children, but they also lose fully and completely the self-image in their teens, by then they have reached the target of the copy process-and they start life as a copy of a copy.

The children have then disclaimed themselves and their uniqueness totally.

Surrounded with “Beauty”- Magazines, TV, movies, commercial and advertising, fashion and more, our children are robbed of their future.
If we lead them into this “fabricated” way of living, we sculpture and shape them to those illusions, we choose for them, we are creating their lives and future based on our actions and decisions.
We can expand our consciousness and shield them from all forms of programming.
Innocent they came to our world, but not “FROM” our world, they came with great gifts and enlightened insight.
We slowly rob them and try make them fit our limited life-view, instead of opening up their world, which is 100% more perfect than our world !!! Happily, more and more parents are now stepping into their hearts-there lies the true intelligence for the future of our Children´s world!
Every child, is equipped with their UNIQUENESS, BEAUTY and GIFTS that overcome ALL of our ILLUSIONS, if we dare to see into their world before we imprint ours on them!

I would LOVE to honor the work  and credit  you Meg Gaiger/Harpyimages, who really gave me the inspiration to wrote this article.
Meg Gaiger/

Dare to make sure that the Masters stay as they are-PERFECT is their UNIQUENESS!

Yours Sincerely,

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

I am a humble messenger for humanity, honored to of be here and to serve.

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“I am your HEART Whisperer. I have come to AWAKEN the wisdom YOU already have within YOU!!”

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I consider Pearl Shanti to be one of today’s most visionary spiritual teachers, especially in the area of conscious parenting. Her compassion and acute understanding of children’s spiritual development has forever changed my own relationship with my kids and the way I think about ALL children.

Having experienced her work first-hand, I urge anyone who wants their children to thrive, to work with Pearl and create meaningful relationships, lives, and legacies for generations to come.

Learning from our children is one of the most significant things we can do for the future of our world and Pearl Shanti is here to show us how.

Adriana Story Hill Co-Founder, ONE Legacy Works, Inc.

2 Responses to “Being normal is the opposite of being Natural!!!”

  1. Ariana Sha says:

    Thank you, Dear Pearl Shanti*
    Your Understanding’ Your Heart Exacting Insight*
    Is Exactly as Adriana Story Hill has Described Above..
    You are speaking of the..
    Deeper Wisdomic Eternal TRUTH!
    For Us ALL !
    Thank you, Precious
    for you

    Ariana Sha

  2. redaktør says:

    Beloved Sister ♥ Ariana Sha ♥

    Thank you for your Heartfelt words and LOVELY Vibes.

    It is an Honor to know you and also to have you visiting my Blog ♥

    With all my Heart – I thank You with My LOVE BLISS :)

    My Dearest Divine ♥ ONE ♥

    –Pearl Shanti ♥

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