Children are Mankind’s Precious Gifts – does the society value them ?

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

The newborn baby is looking out, ready to embrace the wonderful world, a new life.


The Miracle of Life
The Miracle of Life


The baby is coming from a place free of limitations, materialism, violence and war. He is enveloped in a glow of safety, unconditional love, the light and the freedom to be…himself. The devoted love a baby brings to the earth enchants us all. But pretty soon he meets the rules, fears and limitations of society. His perfect, little body is injected with poison. The poison is called vaccines. The vaccines are supposed to protect against diseases, but they break down the perfect immune system. The child grows up, and gets reactions, maybe behaviourproblems, because of the injections. He is labelled and diagnosed, and administrated more poisons so that society can accept him.

Children with special gifts – even though they have not been vaccinated, are diagnosed. More and more children are diagnosed, and more and more types of diagnoses are invented. Their unique talents and gifts, which they are born with, are supressed in order to fit the small, square boxes which are labelled “normal” by society.


Children needs their parents
Children needs their parents


And if someone dares to be different – he is cut, adjusted and shaped to fit societys “needs “. And the child becomes even more unbalanced because of this stress and strain. And then people say: ” There is something wrong with this child since he can not adjust to the society”… But isn`t there something wrong with society – since it is not able or willing to see or accept the child for who he is ? Why rectify something that originally was perfect ? There are enlightened cultures that see this. There are parents who remove their children from schools and kindergardens ,and choose home school instead. These conscious parents can “see” their children and their needs. They can see the greatness in their children, the love, light and unlimited potential. These parents shields their children from vaccines, TV, junk food and other limitations and programmings. However, it is oftentimes the enlightened families who are in danger of being reported to the social security office in the western world, accused of child neglect due to lack of ordinary school and lack of vaccinations…and in some countries the children will be taken away from their parents because of this.


Babies need their parents caring
Babies need their parents caring


And sometimes parents with home school are even accused of being a sect…

This is not about right or wrong – it is about what works and what does not work. We do not have to be geniuses to conclude, when we look at the world, that the methods in use do not work.

Do we really know the consequences of forcing children into a school system that is designed to create obedient consumers and soldiers ? What we give the children are illusions and limitations. If the existing school system works, why are there not more geniuses amongst us ? Instead we can observe that the school system has dumbed us down. We can not force knowledge into a students head. Even the word “education” is misunderstood. It is derived from latin, meaning to extract from within… To learn by rote just shows that a person knows certain facts at a certain time. If knowledge is taught in a playful and joyful manner, babies can achieve amazing results. They prove that they can learn reading, maths and several languages. And they love it ! Why ? Because they are taught with love , patience and lots of praise ! More and more parents are now waking up, and together we are strong. We are all children of God. And our children are our precious jewels, Gods gift to Humanity. Parents have come to be givers of life…the most beautiful joy in the world.

giraf kissing her baby

The connection between mother and child is unbreakable – it is coded in our genes.

This post was originally posted in 2009

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