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Even parents need to stretch and relax – the Omni Swing will increae your energies, strengthen and build your body, health and immune system.


The whole family loves the Omni Swing !!!



* In the Beginning … there was just the One & Only …Original and Patented… Multi-Functional Anti-Gravity Yoga Swing.™

Made of cotton, Portable and Affordable, it was virtually a whole new and revolutionary approach towards Weighless fitness and Self-Healing for home or office.


** Then there came the 2nd generation Yogaswing model known as the Yoga-Gym Swing ™ made of parachute nylon material …

Even more versatile and multi-FUNctional than the first design …Patent # 7255666


*** Finally the latest & greatest in Anti-Gravity Yoga Swing technology was created … the Omni Swing™ (aka the Omni-Gym Yoga Swing™).

So radically different from the prior models it merited a whole new patent (currently patent pending). Hard to believe I know … so why not experience it for yourself!





As a Physical Therapist specializing in Pain & Stress Management for 20 yrs, I have been seriously exploring self-treatment of neck & back pain a long time . Many years of research & self-experimentation have led to various self-healing techniques & devices such as Intuitive Yoga, Movement Medicine, Auto-Unwinding, Muscle-Brain Integration, Rhythm Therapy and Therapeutic Exstacise (a.k.a. Pleasure-cise) that I utilize on myself daily to keep pain and symptom free. When I invented the Yoga-Swing in 2001, it was initially designed for Inversion and Decompression Therapy but I quickly saw its manifold applications. Not only was it the best home device for self-care, self-rehab, and prevention of neck & back pain, but it also turned out to be the best Inversion Therapy device on the planet – bar none! This extremely multi-functional swing-sling-thing turned out to be the most novel approach ever invented for Total Body Stretching and Strenghtening, Anti-Gravity Yoga ‚ Gymnastics and Lumbar-Pelvic Traction & Spinal Adjustments. Not to mention – by all reports – that it just happens to make the very best and most versatile Tantra Swing of all!


The Inversion Therapy Omni-Swing ™ will take your exercise routine to a whole new level, and for those of you who currently do not have a routine, the swing will create one! The overall effect of striving to maintain one’s balance, equilibrium & awareness while performing yoga, exercise or aerial dance on the swing forces the complete integration and use of our total neuro-muscular-skeletal system. It actively recruits far more brain neurons, motor cells, and muscle fibers than any ground or water exercise can possibly do thus creating increased neuronal pathway movement. As well as benefiting cerebral functions, regular exercise and play on the swing even tones and balances the smaller stabilizer and secondary muscle groups for even greater neuro-muscular re-education and re-patterning. A veritable TOTAL HOME GYM unit!


The term ‘Yoga-Swing’ has become far too limited in scope to describe this swing with all its newest advances. The Omni-Gym or Omni-Swing Home Gym contains twelve incredible functions:

It is the latest and greatest…
(1) Anti-Gravity Yoga-Swing
(2) Complete Inversion Therapy Device
(3) Total Home Gym
(4) Jungle Gym for kids (can’t get them off of it — they love the spin & bounce)
(5) Versatile Tantra Swing
(6) Gymnastic/Martial Arts Training Tool
(7) Ordinary Hammock
(8) Sky Chair

…As well as the most effective:
(9) Device for Home Rehab & Self-treatment of Neck & Back Pain
(10) Home Device for Lumbar-Pelvic Traction
(11) Home Device for Auto-Manipulation of the Spine (a veritable ‘Chiropractor in a Sling’)
(12) Weightless Fitness Tool around


Not only is the Omni-Swing / Yogaswing the most unique TOTAL FITNESS device around, but it is totally fun and therapeutic. Special bunji-like springs add a delicious bounce to the exercise that feels simply exquisite. Besides the sheer pleasure of hanging out or “swing-dancing” through movements, there are numerous practical and therapeutic benefits as well. The swing allows one to thoroughly stretch & strengthen every muscle and joint of the trunk and extremities, as well as safely achieve Inversion Therapy and Spinal Traction. The sole act of hanging upside down on the swing unloads the spine: thus relieving pressure on nerve roots due to poor postural habits, lack of proper stretching & exercise and the effects of gravity and our own body weight. Inversion alleviates muscle tension, neck & back pain, promotes increased joint mobility, flexibility, relaxation and increased circulation of blood, lymph & energy. Think of inversion as your own personal physical therapist and/or cosmetician!

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The Omni-Swing itself is very lightweight (5 lbs) and comes with its own shoulder bag, or can fit into any backpack. It suspends from any ceiling beam or rafter, tree branch, or from our beautiful NEW portable ‘Rock-It’ Stand (becuz it rocks and looks like the tip of a rocket). The stand also fits into a canvas carrying bag to take on your favorite friendly excursion.

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