About Pearl Shanti

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Author, Speaker, Visionary, Wayshower..


“I am here to awaken the wisdom you already have within you!!!”

Pearl Shanti is the Founder of the fan pages Conscious Parenting, Pure From Within, Holistic Life Style, How To Give Birth as a Godess, Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart Happy, Crazy and me and the group ♥ Let`s Start a Conscious Parenting Movement ♥ on Facebook .

Furthermore she is a regular parenting expert on Selfgrowth.com, USA, the worlds No 1 self-development blog, with more than 1,2 million visits per month, as well as regular parenting contributor for VividLife.me, Canada.
Moreover she is one of 7 experts who are co writhers of the book “For the love of our children “- about children with special needs.

Pearl Shanti writes contributing articles for several alternative magazines in Norway and in other countries.
She has been interviewed by major newspapers in Norway and been a guest at national and international radio shows.

She presently lives a holistic life style in the valley of longevity,Vilcabamba, Ecuador – with home school for her son Leopold.
Pearl Shanti is psycic and has seen other dimensions her whole life.

After being a successful business woman for several years, she gave up this in order to go deeper into the spiritual world she had been seeing since childhood.

Pearl Shanti is a Reiki Grand Master, healer, rebirther, heart opener, animal whisperer, nutrition consultant, Feng Shui advisor, herbal specialist, author, coach, philosopher, metaphysician, French Gourmet Chef, children listener, artist, workshop facilitator, The Melchizedek Method facilitator, raw food specialist and life a alchemist and most of all mother for 3 lovely children, 7 -17 and 27, and she is grandmother for 3 beautiful boys.

She has been a healer for more than 30 years, had her own healing center and ashram – and she is an expert on survival skills and living from Mother Nature`s resources for several years in the deep forests in Norway.

She has been living on prana/light and knows that everyone decide how many years they want to stay in their physical body and that death is an illusion.

Pearl Shanti has been wanderer on this planet. She has lived in Norway, Spain, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, England and now Ecuador in the Andes.

This youthful grandmother has lived in ashrams in India and found a previous lifetime in Spain.She has climbed Mount Kailash, met wild elephants in the jungle in Southern-India and bathed in the holy Ganges.

Moreover she practices yoga, pranah yoga, karma yoga, meditation and study The Law of Attraction. Pearl Shanti focuses on building good karma and to live a conscious lifestyle in an natural way with pure simplicity .

With her big heart she has been helping people all over the world, and she has consciously incarnated here on earth to share from her deep selfless wisdom.

The children in the world, including her own, is her passion – and her vision is to improve the conditions for the children by inspiring others to become MORE Conscious Parents.
The children are the greatest treasures on earth – and it is her purpose to help parents support their children to bring forth their highest potential, to be happy and healthy.
Her philosophy is that ALL the children on this beautiful planet are our responsibility – not just our own kids.

Pearl Shanti`s calmness and tolerance makes it easy for children to confide in her- they know that she can see them for who they truly are.When working for the school Nature Kids in England these abilities were especially useful.

To be parents is a blessing and a gift when we regard life as a joy – not a struggle…
Her experiences in her own life have shown that conscious parenting works.

She is here to serve in a truthful and humble way.
Moreover her desire is to help motivate parents in improving their lives – to assist families to manage their lives with harmony, LOVE, health and spiritual growth.

All parents do the best they know how. Pearl Shanti is not here to promote “superior” parenting or lofty ideals. She only wants to inspire parents to become more conscious and find solutions that work.

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart is a wayshower in the new parenting paradigm – guiding parents all over the world in her most important “call” from her heart…
The new parenting paradigm will create a new world as One Family – and it is our task as parents to become the change we want to see in the world.

In her own words:

“We, the parents, are the children’s future and hope … We are the change … and changes can happen quickly if we work together … We ALL do the best WE KNOW HOW …
THERE’S always more that will make us even better at what we do !! But it’s not about what we could have done, should have done , or what we continue to do , but about what we are able to do now and CHOOSE TO DO NOW WITH WHAT WE NOW KNOW !!!! ”

“Pearl Shanti oftentimes encounters aggressive and frustrated parents – parents who feel lack in their lives and projects their pain on Pearl Shanti.She has a feeling of defenselessness, calmness and understanding, and she is thus able to give a useful and loving reply – no matter how aggressive or hostile the comment is. Peace is her defense – and this approach gives the parent room for insight and self-reflection, and in this way the parent is invited to take responsibility and be open for a new way to look at a situation.”-Andiran Lionheart

To quote Pearl Shanti:

“There are never problems, only tasks to be solved.”

And by her gentle guidance many parents will eventually see the solutions in their own life – as well as in their relation with their children.”