Charity – Hearts for a New Life Foundation

“My statement on my intentions on having created this LOVELY charity ” “Hearts For a New LIFE Foundation”

I am a giver of LOVE and I LOVE to give a helping hand that leads to a better LIFE … I am the children’s lawyer and this is my work internationally .. This is my message to the world,my work, web pages, articles, radio shows and books.
In our world, there is enough for everyone, it’s all about being there for our fellow man. Anyone can fall down in the dust, that does not mean we who have the resources are going to ignore them and let them remain there, it’s against my nature, heart and compassionate LOVE to ignore a helpless soul …
Nothing in any possible way,do please me more than to see the joy in the eyes of the one who receives my help, so I must admit that this must be my ego, because I am addicted to the BLISS of Giving my outstretched hand of LOVE and understanding to ONE and ALL!
Officially, I am a Teacher of Advanced Spiritual Metaphysics, who offers and am manifesting permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness for women and children all over the world.I am a “Wayshower”,Mentor ,Author and a speaker and the Helper for change. My compassion and deep unconditional LOVE for humanity and all LIFE, is my only Goal.
As the truth seeker I am, I have chosen to venture to the very core of consciousness itself. Communication is transmitted to me of such a high vibration, that only LOVE is my Language,and my heart is LOVE`S transformer.. I am here to make sure that these precious souls will blossom into their full essence as we all collectively transition into our true worth.I have a depth of awareness and expanse of clarity that makes me live as an example for others. I accept all who crossed my path at their chosen stage of life and offers an open heart for those who are ready to immerse themselves in their own living mastery.
It is ALL about Simplicity, Honesty, LOVE !!!

My Life, My Perspective, My Attitude about everything is very simple.. I Am here to serve in pure LOVE which is my only KEY and intention!

“You just know when you’ve helped someone, then your heart buzzes in pure BLISS as you can feel their Peace !”

–Founder and President Of Hearts For a New LIFE Foundation
Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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If you feel like making a donation for this worthy cause, you can click on the donation-button on the upper right side of this blog. Even 1 dollar is highly appreciated in this heart work !