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Pearl Shanti will give you her full support and follow up on the lifestyle you are longing for your self and for your Beloved Children.  She focus on how to step out of the old system that is not working her goal is to guide you in to YOUR DIVINE HEART where your truth lies,  she will gently guide you in to the NEW  Conscious Parenting Paradigm ™ for all parents in the World to follow their inner calling.
She is not here to teach you anything, she will Lovingly guide you in to your self, to your own truth….. As she says “I am your HEART Whisperer. I have come to AWAKEN the wisdom YOU already have within YOU!!”

Marry YOU™

You are the one you have been waiting for.


“In this world we have rituals for every way in which we give ourselves away to others. We have rituals for birth, for coming of age, and for marriage. We have rituals even for divorce now, rituals for our achievements and rituals for dying. And yet, we often overlook the most important relationship of all, the relationship with ourselves! Learn the power of devotion to YOUR magnificent Soul! It is my deep passion to share with you sacred practices and self-love skills which lift you to a level of masterful living you never dreamed possible. Join me in a program which will transform the way you see and function in all your relationships, one in which you discover your purest essence and fall in love with your life. Unrivaled passion and mastery is yours to have. Step into your divine right. YOU are the one you have been waiting for.”

“Single sessions and package sessions are available.”

The Gift of Children


Ending the Parenting on Autopilot Legacy


What Happens in a Conscious Conception and Pregnancy?


Lessons on WHO Knows What is Best for Our Children


Choosing to Live Consciously


Living with Miracles

  • “Single sessions and package sessions are available.”

    One to ONE Session For You  which will be supportive  and helpful for your whole family.
    Single Session –  1 Conscious Parenting Consult on Skype: $150
    or a full follow up with
    3 months Session – 12  Conscious Parenting Consults on Skype:
    $1800.00 or 6 months Session – 24
    Conscious Parenting Consults on Skype: $3600.00

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Conscious Parenting Paradigm ™ :

Conscious Parenting Paradigm ™


“I am a humble messenger for humanity, honored to of be here and to serve”                               

Author, Speaker, Visionary, Wayshower
Conscious Parenting Paradigm ™ 

“I am your HEART Whisperer. I have come to AWAKEN the wisdom YOU already have within YOU!!”
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 STAY Always in LOVE with LIFE and Always in LOVE with YOU!!!”
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                                   Testimonials ~

I consider Pearl Shanti to be one of today’s most visionary spiritual teachers, especially in the area of conscious parenting. Her compassion and acute understanding of children’s spiritual development has forever changed my own relationship with my kids and the way I think about ALL children.

Having experienced her work first-hand, I urge anyone who wants their children to thrive, to work with Pearl and create meaningful relationships, lives, and legacies for generations to come.

Learning from our children is one of the most significant things we can do for the future of our world and Pearl Shanti is here to show us how. Adriana Story Hill Co-Founder, ONE Legacy Works, Inc.