Education starts before conceiving

When we practice Free Schooling with our children, WE really do support their PERFECT INTELLIGENCE!!! 

I believe that every child is equally gifted, every child is a Mozart, Shakespeare, Leonardo and Tesla. Every child came here equipped enough to become even more than these Geniuses. Intelligence is in every unborn life, the intelligence is 100% PERFECT when the baby has arrived. The BRAIN is PERFECT no matter LABEL, or ABILITY. But we adults have suppressed our own capacity – also the generation younger than us. We also have the tendency do LIVE up to authorities and labels, but we are so so much more that what THEY tell us that we are. leopoldmaleri4
                            Leopold´s Message to the humanity in this Painting is “Receive the Child”

I am sharing more about this in my book “Becoming a Conscious Parent”.
If a child is supported for the gift they REALLY are, they can all develop from WITHIN, the word for this in Latin means EDUCO-Educatio-Education, which means to BRING FORT FROM WITHIN, not the opposite as we all are trained to do today. Today there is INDOCTRINATION – so our inner knowing becomes neglected.
You will find my e-book here : , the hard cover is coming soon :)
I am not saying that I am better than others, I am simply sharing what has worked for me and my family – to go against the stream, which has shown itself to NOT be without an ELECTRIC STORM, but I assure YOU, it was worth it!
The Heart can NEVER lie !
We all do the VERY BEST we know how, we are ALL perfect in every WAY, but we can REACH HIGHER. There is always more to develop, pattern and rules to break, programmed habits to get out of.
We can, whenever we choose, restart LIFE.
There is no TIME, all we want to change we can change, past, present and future. Because ALL IS NOW-ALL WE GOT IS NOW, it is never to late!!! DNA does not control us, but the environment does, we can all rewrite our CODES , LIVES and our OWN INTELLIGENCE. We can also change the environments.
That is Why I LOVE Dr. Bruce Lipton
Dr. Glenn Doman is also my favorite, he has scientifically proven that a child start learning in the pregnancy, and they love to learn from their first day. This sustaines brainactivity so that it continues to evolve, the brain needs exercise, and kids LOVE this Brain Booster if it is executed with care, humility and respect.We pick up the child’s delight from within and that we as parents support their LOVE instead of following the society, which is forcing parents to push their children into small boxes which NEVER EVER will fit!!!!
Before we planned to accept Leopold Light, who came to us more than 2 years before he was conceived , in order to ask us if we would consider to become his parents, I have consciously chosen every step of the way. I started cleansing my body, there and then – in order to prepare for his coming. I fasted, meditated, had colon cleansing, lived on LIGHT, Prana and more. Every day was a  choice of CONSCIOUSNESS.
The conception itself was carefully planned in full consciousness. You can read about this subject in the article in the following link :
On my blog you will also find the article about CONSCIOUS PREGNANCY :
There is so much we as parents can do, and it is never to late. ALL we need to do is to BRAKE the SPELL. Step out of the “NORMAL & become all  NATURAL!!!!!!! This is what our children are waiting for, they are NOT HERE TO BECOME “NORMAL” they are NATURALLY GIFTED, all they want from US IS OUR SUPPORT !!!
Someone just wrote me :
“yeah, right, so what can you say about my “Brain Damaged” child who was born like that? How can I sit there and BRAG the way you do, my child will never become INTELLIGENT as your child, his brain is damaged, so how can you sit there on your HIGH Horse , haa ? “
My answer was :
“First of ALL, with humor , I have to say, that we are ALL “BRAIN DAMAGED” ………………….. none of us are USING our Brain 100% as we are equipped to do, and we are also “brain damaged” for letting all this suppression go on with our children, we let the government take the control, but we are the parents, we are our children´s protectors of LIFE.
Dr. Glenn Doman has proven that children with special needs actually have the capacity to learn how to take the healthy part of the brain in use. With perfect training they develop to become even more intelligent than “NORMAL” children, kids without any “disabilities” (Personally, I do not believe in this word). It all starts with us, the parents, cuz it is NEVER to early to start SUPPORTING the brain of your child and it is NEVER to late!!! The earlier the easier.
The brain is YOUR tool, you’re not brain tool! This is something the child knows when it arrives .
I will not sit here and tell you all that my son masters, you can find that on my blog , FB pages,my books and so forth. But all I can say is that he loves studying. He knows 3 languages,Norwegian, English and Spanish which he  writes, reads and speaks and he has started to study the 4Th language, French. He plays the violin and other instruments, he paints on oil canvas and he is LOVES being Tesla too. I never limit him, I support what he wants to study, we do not have school as you might know schooling. Leopold is his own Teacher of LIFE, all he asks for to study, I provide.
I am his supporter, sponsor and fan., this is the task I took upon my self when I said Yes to this AMAZING Gift of Giving LIFE to a Soul.
ALL SOULS came with this same Gift, none of us came here to LEARN- We all came here to LIVE out our BEST Potential :)
Blessed be my Beloved Souls who read this, I send you my warmest LOVE-WE ARE ALL ONE, we are just visiting different bodies,  a temporary HOLY Temple for LIFE!!!
Quote from Leopold Light, 8 years:” We humans are “living in luxury” – we can do and be whatever we like- all of us can do that ! “

 Yours Sincerely,

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart
I am a humble messenger for humanity, honored to of be here and to serve.                               

 Author, Speaker, Visionary, Wayshower 


“I am your HEART Whisperer. I have come to AWAKEN the wisdom YOU already have within YOU!!”
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Children are Philosophers


Leopold Rasta Gul Filosof

“Children are born Philosophers, they are closer to their source of truth than educated adults…
A child has not learned to lose the ability to his/hers
profound insight & connection to the CREATOR of ALL LIFE!”

Indeed this is something we as adults can benefit greatly from. Our children are teachers – showing us on a daily basis what is important in life.

They live at the present.
They express themselves naturally
They are authentic
They are in a constant creative flow
They love easily
They forgive easily
They express joy and laughter
They don`t take themselves too seriously
They are curious
They love to learn
They play all the time
They are unlimited
They are super intelligent

What if we as adults could put some time aside and open up to our own inner child ? What if we can reclaim our innate innocence and allow ourselves the luxury of once again express our childlike qualities ?
Imagine – what would our lives be ?
What do we gain by stress and self-inflicted pressures – taking life too seriously and becoming grumpy- forgetting our divine inner child in an effort to please the conformities of society, when we actually please no one ?
Perhaps it would be safe for us to breath deeply- letting go of strains and tensions in our body and allow our own inner philosopher to come forth ?

Yes, I believe so !

Therefore, let us all acknowledge the greatness and wisdom in children – let us be humble and grateful and support them in every possible way, let us spend time with them.

This will indeed be time well spent.

All is Love
Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart


Pearl Shanti make you feel that she is Always in LOVE with LIFE & YOU!!!

She provide Skype Consultations her Open Mind,Divine Warming HEART,Ears that Listen, a Shoulder to Cry on & her hand of LOVE.

“It ALL Starts with us, the Parents-We are our Children`s Example and Future of HOW to LIVE & LOVE LIFE-THEY copy what they SEE!!!”

“I am a humble messenger for humanity, honored to of be here and to serve.”                           

 Author, Speaker, Visionary, Wayshower 


“I am your HEART Whisperer. I have come to AWAKEN the wisdom YOU already have within YOU!!”
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 STAY Always in LOVE with LIFE and Always in LOVE with YOU!!!”
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The Fountain of Youth

Dearest Friend …

THE ROAD TO GOOD HEALTH and becoming illuminated, everything can be healed;

Fountain of Yuth

I have come across something that you most possibly new already, but want to share it with you
anyway, of pure love, something amazing, the release of ALL blocks,
patterns, poor memory, concentration, increases the prospects for deeper spirituality, freeing indoctrination program, deposits in the brain and body, diseases and infirmities, ego, brings out the true potential of humans and MUCH MUCH MORE … and this in 20 days .
Yes it’s true !
IT IS POSSIBLE to be fully healed for anything in 20-30 days and not only
that – this is scientifically proven by Andrew Norton and hundred’s of enlightened doctors who support
This cure rejuvenates you 20-30 years (if you’re 60-70)-  in the body and in your appearance.
And best of all – it’s free !

Unusual, but easy and natural – the body’s wisdom.
Our body temple has everything we need … which is my motto ;)

Below is the access to the most amazing information and documentation I have ever
come across. Shines new light on something ancient and extremely suppressed. Our body is amazing – it contains
it`s own medicine.


Here is a link to : This book, used costs $ 7 , not much – this is the book of life ! ;)

The atzecs, The esseens, Egyptians, Thoth, Christ and the rest of the enlightened and ascended Masters were talking about
The Fountain of Youth is within us – The Holy Grail.
It is not the Grail which was sacred but what was meant to be the contents in it – and to drink it like a ritual, it is the fountain of youth and wisdom elixir.

I share this with you in the deepest humility, respect and reverence … because I want you only the best out of life and everything is there – even if it is unusual, and because I love you . ;)



Pearl Shanti

*Until LOVE sets us FREE*

Read about our conscious choice, with the fact that we are no longer living as husband and wife!

Usually,when two persons get married they make a vow: «Until death do us part…»

When Andiran and I got married we both felt it was wrong to make this oath. Particularly since I live here and now, and I believe in LOVING at this moment – not the past or the future- but RIGHT NOW!!!!

The wedding promises Andiran and I made and the wedding ceremony were written by me – and we got married in a private ceremony – outside church or City Hall. But with more than 60 guests as witnesses – and with two of our closest friends as masters of ceremony and the UNIVERSE AS OUR only true INSPIRATION in being HERE AND NOW!
In our hearts we entered «Our» pact, the pact between two hearts. We wanted to support each other, raise each other and not tear each other apart by following selfish wishes, but rather to be united with each other in 100 % truth- where everything is about HERE AND NOW- TODAY…
If the day would come that we wanted to EXPLORE our own lives further and empowering the one we came to be, we wanted to support each other on the path that our Highest Selves were taking us. We were not talking about the ego here, the ego wants to own a person – we were talking about the opposite of that.
We had a wonderful time together, where we lived as wanderers and visited many different countries for several years, we cleansed our karma and discovered past lifetimes together, we collaborated and healed old wounds as companions. We experienced life and shared everything.
We had home school for our children and lived as simple and natural as possible- yet in BLISS. We arranged meditation workshops, retreats and had a healing centre together. We lived so harmoniously that noone would have guessed that we should ever part. We were an inspiration for other people – we walked our talk.

One day, though, something happened which showed us that we were to walk different paths, that we should let go of each other and lovingly choose a new road. When the calling came to go to the Andes we all felt the same. We shared these plans for 1 year, yet there were two in the family who did not feel 100 % this urge. They were guided to another destiny to fulfill. It is all about giving space for development, understanding and letting go.
We talked together and cried, we knew that our paths were different. We were both going to focus on the spiritual path and the truth of the heart as we always had done, yet this time on our own. Andiran had one call – I had another.
The choices of our hearts became important for us – and in time we will share the same path again, but not as lovers, because time is not standing still. I am not talking about a detour, rather necessary experiences we both needed- which we came to LIVE !
Of course these were tough decisions to make, we loved each other deeply and fervently, and even though some of us moved to the Andes after the decision, we met once a year in the summertime in Norway.
We did observe how we grew apart and that we did no complete each other any more, so in the true spirit of pure LOVE we sat each other FREE…….. LOVE IS LETTING GO !
We LOVED each other even more than ever – we LOVED each other UNTIL LOVE SAT US FREE!!!
Listen, I will never use the word Ex-husband or divorced…he is Andiran, the father of my children, these words are not me, I still LOVE my dear Andiran…love is about NOW, I did not own him and he did not own me, therefore there is no «ex», love is there FOREVER – IN THE PRESENT !!!

How can this be in harmony with conscious parenting ?
As I am writing books about conscious parenting, people are asking me constantly:

How can it be conscious parenting to leave each other, please explain this ?

In many relationships the collaboration between the partners is not working anymore. An energy battle is building up between partners who are supposed to be role models for the children.
In a LOVE relationship the intention is not to sacrifice something or someone for each other, but to complement one another.
Children are very sensitive and which world will they grow up in when their parents are not aligned with each other, when they have completed their joint purpose and are no longer living truthfully together on the energy level?

For our children it was better that Andiran and myself listened to the new calling, even if it meant that our lives were taking us on separate paths – and that we still continued to support each other as best friends, and still were able to LOVE each other when we met and in this way celebrate LIFE together with our children in LOVE and JOY- supporting the PEACE in every soul of our Divine family.
We did not fight a war between us, which could easily had happened if we did not follow our own truth – we did not want this negative energies for our children. In this way we showed our children that it is safe to LOVE and to be supported even if there is a difference of opinion – and at the same time have faith in the intuitive voice from within.

I wish to share with you a paragraph from our wedding ceremony:

“Pearl Shanti and Andiran have told our witnesses here the reason why we get married. Now we repeat this to all you guests, so that you may partake in this lovely wedding ceremony.

We tell you all today that we marry from pure love…we do not want to own each other…
Or have…
Or be own…
We want to give each other complete freedom and trust
We do not want any material possessions, just love and freedom
We do not want to have a home at just one place, but with love and freedom we want to wander Mother Earth and be beacons of light, because Gaia is our home – considering that no material possessions can give us the love which already is within.
Because we know that love is all we need in life.
All Love
All wisdom
Every insight
All knowledge
All compassion
All strength All beauty is within us both
We do not enter this marriage in a hope to RECEIVE these gifts, but with the intention to GIVE these gifts to the other.
Pure love, unconditional and unlimited love is the only love; which we now share with you, our guests, as our true joint statement.
This is our understanding TODAY – shared in front of every guest.
And it will always be about what we understand TODAY!
The day we no longer complete each other like this, that day we would have loved each other so Highly that we would set each other Free to bring our energies to even Higher Levels of LIFE and choose separate paths. “


How could we love each other and at the same time release each other ?
We were supposed to give each other karmic gifts for a period of time, we knew this and we loved each other for it, when our karmic debts were finished it was time that the Universe led us in two different directions.

How can we stop LOVING a person ? It isn`t possible, and if we can, we have not really LOVED…
To LOVE is not to own, we LOVED until LOVE sat us FREE. We still LOVE and we support each other in our new path of LIFE.
We did LIVE as ONE *Until LOVE sat us FREE* for us to become more of who we are.

Thank you for a wonderful LIFE together Andiran,we DID IT  !!!

–Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

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When the voice of Silence told me to travel to the Andes


I LOVE living timeless and go where I am needed. At the same time I was prepared that I would be in my safe little self-contained World for a long time,with my husband and my children,high up in the mountains of Norway, with it`s pristine nature,fresh water and it`s Divine, peaceful silence where I was only focusing inward on myself and my family, as I had done for the last 20 years.
I had my Ashram and Healing centre – where people were coming for retreat and staying till they were able to find themselves again.

5 years ago I constantly received messages in my dreams or to my heart, that it was time for me to go- this is the same voice that has been leading me to new places my whole life. I was told that someone needed me out there somewhere, I did not know whom,where or how at that point,just that I had to let go of my safety zone and follow the wind.

Repeated dreams told me that I would be led to the Andes and I saw pictures of children appear daily in front of me .

I TRAVELLED TROUGH MANY PLACES AND COUNTRIES in South- America with my 5 year old son. Both of us listened to the same voice of silence- till we found where,who and how.

After seeing where I could give my Heart to Humanity and our Mother Earth,I manifested my Internationally registered NON Profit Foundation via Norway.
But in order to become LEGAL in Ecuador, I had to register here too,which is good- but it was a very long and rough journey. What was done in a few seconds in my Mother Country for free,took eight months and became very costly in South America.

People who have known me for a long time come to me and they ask me this question:

“How can you let go of your comfort zone (they know that my simple Holistic life style is my comfort zone) your safety,your safe environment and your family and students for this “Macho mentality” they have in South America ?.
You do not support killing or eating animals or any living being and you are an organic RAW Foodist. And you are “preaching” that we need to choose to stay in positive environments in order to create peace – still your Foundation is focusing on victims of violence,sexual abuse and rape – and they also live under a religion which suppresses women and their rights. Sow how can you leave all your safety and comforting lifestyle in order to be of service there – where absolutely EVERYTHING is the opposite of what you LIVE?”


Well, it is SIMPLE:
People are suffering because no one knows anything different from how they have been raised,but it does not have to stay like that- everything has to start somewhere,and someone has to make a difference in someones life and future.
How can they stay in their pain when I do not,and I came to LIVE with them and give my LOVE,my HAND and My Service.
Yes, it is true that I have stepped into a different vibration,and with me I brought my OWN, how can this not be of help for those who suffer,when I am not suffering,but am humbly sharing what works. NOTHING would be the same when MY LOVELIGHT chose to LET GO OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in order to serve those who have forgotten their own POWER of LIFE.


The voice of Silence brought me to the children and the women of the Andes ,how can things stay the same if my frequency is vibrating on a different level ? I assure you,it will not stay as it was. I do not say this to boast, this is the divine law of vibration.
Yes,I did let go of all my safety in order to live with the SOULS who have lost track of their own LIGHT- I am here to serve with the knowing that they will find their light again.


I am not here to change anyone,I am here to SUPPORT EVERYONE-ALL souls have the EXACT same potential. We ALL carry our own truth within,my energy makes people around me see them self in the BEAUTY they are and can LIVE OUT.
Nothing will ever stay the same when I am there WITH them,how could it,they are a part of me as I am a part of them – as ONE!!!



The Voice of Silence just came via a friend of mine – I had finished writing this article.
This quote was just sent to my mail:

I do not use the word “savages” and it has nothing to do with my story, so I changed the word “savages” to “Ignorant”.

Hi Pearl, I couldn’t find the exact story about Confucius so I’ll paraphrase, it fits you and your heart so I wanted you to have it.

« Confucius was about to embark on a journey to live among a group of ignorant people and share his teachings. Those around him questioned, “How could a man of such wisdom and class live among a group of ignorant?” Confucius answered, “How could they remain ignorant with a man like me living amongst them?”

Afterword written by Andiran Lionheart:

This is also a story about listening to our intuiton, trusting it and act upon it, no matter what other people may think.
I lived with Pearl Shanti for 9 years- and observed her listening to her intuition all the time. For her it is a natural rhythm of the spiritual life- for many other of us it is a skill or gutfeeling it takes time to learn.
I therefore hope that this story will inspire you and me to pay even closer attention to our intuition – which is the life of passion, magic and miracles !

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“My Magical December in Beautiful Loja, Ecuador,in the Andes…



My name is Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart.
I have just started an International legally registered nonprofit charity in Ecuador called Hearts for a New Life Foundation.
Many have asked why I do not celebrate Christmas. The reason is that for me ,Christmas means BEING the GIVER of LOVE,which I celebrate EVERY SINGLE DAY, not only ONE day per YEAR.
So I celebrate Christmas in me EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.
Still,December is special,where the portal and the connections between Mother Earth and the Universe are pulsating through every human heart in a different way.
The 21st of December is Our Portal of LOVE,THE DAY OF GIVING,LIFE – and it is wide open in all of us.
The Motherly LOVE POWER Shines through…
So I will share with you what I did this December.
Tune in…it will open your heart wide OPEN……


This December was connected with many other events during this season of LOVE and LIGHT through GIVING,sharing and being who we ALL ORIGINALLY are – “the PUREST LOVE”…
Yes indeed,this December has been awesomely hectic but also filled with indescribable LOVE…

My team and I have been working with bringing in gifts,sweets,clothes,cakes and other surprises for 200 children in 8 schools- a visit that was planned together with the schools for the 20 th of December.
We visited the children in the mountains, and a Local TV Station from Vilcabamba was following me around and made a second documentary movie about my Hearts for a New Life Foundation.


I was surrounded by 200 HAPPY children, whom I all gave a kiss and a warm hug,not thinking of lice or other things.
Affection is not common for them,so they giggled and smiled brightly when I touched them.
I danced and talked with them,some of the children cried of happiness – others came running after me for a last hug when I left.

We even visited a school which had 6 students – girls from the age of 7 to 11.
They had a school,their own uniform and they where there everyday waiting – day after day.
They had no teacher,they where just sitting there waiting for a teacher to find their school one day.We stayed with them for a couple of hours,it was touching and so very sad.
They asked me if I could come to them with the cultural School that I organize in Malacatos.
The need is enormous – it breaks my heart not to be able to reach them all.
I will work with these 200 children one day per month- bringing them what they need,from my own money – playing with them,staying,listening,hugging and giving them my LOVE.
This is one of my projects, and this happened on the 20 th of December.


And then my Magical and MAJESTIC Event took place on the 21st of December,the official opening of my School – for the children with no financial support to travel to the big city in order to get educated in music,art ,therapy and so on.
We have been given the place and space by the generous hosteria owner of Yunanga- by Mr Nelson himself. The University of Loja is giving us their BLESSING by providing us two of their own finest teachers for our daily teaching.
Instruments are donated to us from LOVELY private people. The Montessori School of Loja has given us their tables for this project. Moreover volunteers from all over the world are offering to help,we are legally registered and have the possibility to give Visa in exchange for some hours of daily work. We have our own nutrition expert and Raw Food Teacher Yolanta Mordas and Tai Chi Master Steve Gray – who both participated in the Event as well.

And much more – everything is going to melt together as a therapeutic form of support for the inner truth in every child’s soul .
So this was our Event -celebrating Fiesta !
The Universityof Loja came and gave us one hour of their magical symphonic orchestra – we had dancers,singers and the saxophonist Todd Cooper from the Alan Parson Project participated with his LOVELY Family…Todd gave us 3 beautiful songs and melodies directly from his AMAZING deep heart.

Many other popular bands and LOVELY performers gave their Heart for us on this event.

I send my thanks to them all for helping us reach out there !

We also had the honor of having many local visitors,which is not common when a western person is behind an event. I was of course honored and proud of the school project and the event.
Local TV,Radio and newspapers were present too.

Yes- we had an AWESOME Event !

We are just starting up,so I am taking care of the financial aspect myself for a while.
I have delayed my investment plans for the purchase of a property for me and my son so that I can keep the charity going .
The charity is on its way to stand on its own feet,but some help would never be rejected.
But the first part of my new book is being published tomorrow,so my 50% of income will soon take over.
As people know,I will not let any income for the charity go to salaries,that is why I am donating 50% of my own income from my books, which will cover the salaries.
All the income to the charity will go to the people in need as a support in their lives for education,homes and new starts – not MONEY- but for the fulfillment of their own GOALS.


Anyway,even if the event did not bring enough funds,I will still cover the school project,and we made the news,and many LOVELY people have come forward with amazing suggestions and offers !

We had Rawfood service,vegetarian food,bar service and more…


And on the 22nd of December my team and I travelled around to my 10 local families,visiting a total of 30 children. To places where rape is a common BLINDNESS.
We managed to give them big surprises,clothes,food,cakes,candles and sweets for Christmas…..and my HEART… It was AMAZING to surprise them like this !!!

There were so many gifts,clothes,cakes and sweets left that I asked my taxi driver to take me to a poor area to see if we could find some children– this was on the 23 rd of December.
We went in to a dead end road.

“No children here” he said…

I climbed the truck and asked a passing man how many children he had.

« Three«he said.

I gave him a bag of gifts and sweets for Christmas.
Then,out of the BLUE,a lot of children lined up -hungry,sad and lost souls – their smiles vibrated,their eyes glowed,their hearts started to shine,they felt blessed by the simple LOVE I humbly could share with them.
And then it all vanished into COUNTLESS HAPPY HANDS… I felt honored for being there with them in this moment of being LOVED…


And because I changed my mind regarding buying a property and instead chose being there for my NON PROFIT Charity, I moved to another house in Malacatos on the 18 th of December- waaahooooo !!! What a ride …lol…
The new home was also cheaper for me to rent…,so YES !!! I have had a MAGICAL HECTIC December…hahaha – but all for ONE MAGICAL LOVE-we are ALL ***ONE***…..


My December story is not over yet,the first part of my first international parenting book is released on the 27th of December…. 27 is My Power number!
My publisher did not know that,but I feel blessed…

I am also travelling to South Africa on the 16 of January to approve the illustrations of one of my children books …..

Now I and my son Leopold ,8 years old,a student at the Music Conservatorio in Loja,are going to rest in silence for the rest of the year and do some travelling…
Last year we travelled to Bolivia,Lake Titicaca,the jungle of Peru,Cusco and Macho Pichu and more- we will see where we end up this year- as we recover and rejuvenate our Body Temple…

Thank you for listening !
You are more than welcome to give your help –and you may donate by clicking the donate button here at or on my FB Fan Page Hearts for a new life Foundation , by sharing – or do come to us with whatever is on your heart…
Contact me at [email protected] – or join us on FB – Hearts For a New LIFE Foundation.

Please leave a comment and you will help a lot by sharing this post….

My warmest LOVE four you and yours for this BLISSFUL Season of GIVING …….Which most people call Christmas…..for me this LOVE is everyday,not ONE DAY each year :)


Is there ever a GREATER Gift than GIVING….???……


Always in LOVE

with LIFE



What Christmas is all about

“To Give…is my only TRUE LOVE…. !!!

That’s what Christmas is ALL about!”

This Year,I will CELEBRATE Christmas in a VERY Special way,with those who have less than my self…

It is time for Christmas ,wh ich means GIVING from your Heart…

It is Christmas again. AlthoughI do not celebrate a materialistic Christmas,I have some LOVELY memories from my childhood, which have brought me the mission from my heart as a grown up. I do not belong to any sect or religion, I just feel that the materialistic way to celebrate the Love of LIGHT has not been maintained in the GIFT that I feel Christmas could be all about. I treasure my childhood memories from old fashioned celebrations with family gatherings, love and the great joy of GIVING…the receiving was of course exiting and fun,but not as exciting as “GIVING”….

I can remember that as the child I was (and still am), I could barely keep the secret of what I had MADE to the lucky receiver of my gift. Every one of us created home made gifts and we did all we could to conceal what we had made until Christmas Eve.

What pleased me the most was to celebrate Christmas in my Grandmother`s home. Since WorldWar 2 she had been manager for a home for children with special needs, children from families who did not always love them enough to bring them home for the holidays. Very often we were a lot of people for Christmas Dinner, 30,40 – yes even as many as 50 ! For me these children were my siblings, they had few material possesions, but what mattered to me most was their big hearts. I remember how proud they were when it was their turn to hand out the secrets they had been hiding for such a long time…their very own handmade gifts.
Some years ago people all over the world felt great pride in their hearts when giving home made presents. Even as a young adult I believed this was the norm, until the «plastic age» came upon us, and the pressure to buy gifts became the rule in society. The pressure to buy has increased year by year, people are lining up in front of discount stores to buy more and more things. I noticed the disapprovement among friends and relatives when my family`s home made presents were opened, in contrast to mass produced plastic things.
Whatever happened to the joy of GIVING ?
The world of commerce had taken over, the joy of profits.

While at the same time people begun to give presents from obligation, and the Christmas message of love simply dissolved…

When I noticed this, I went to my relatives and told them that my desire to give was so big that I would not allow myself to fall into this materialistic trap… And that I wanted to find the souls who have less…and I wanted to live the way I was brought up… I wanted to live out the joy of giving…Therefore I renounced any form of materialistic Christmas celebration forever. My relatives accepted this and we celebrated our last common «Three-Christmas» 20 years ago.

And I went out and travelled the world to create a space for giving… And now, after many years of charity, I am in the Andes, where I have started a help centre for single young mothers with children. Girls and young mothers who have been sexually abused. I help them

start a new life, their own DREAM LIFE, with therapy, education and new homes. A fresh start for healing souls.

After all the beautiful souls I have met on my way of giving my hand to all in need – and for all the transformation that I have witnessed in their LIVES, and in their beauty of change which goes far beyond the Materialistic world of and HOW the Celebrating of Christmas has become.

I will CELEBRATE this Christmas in a VERY Special way… Every day in December I wish to give something special to the poorest children here where I live… They want to celebrate Christmas , many of them for the first time in their life… In December , my new started Charity will celebrate Christmas at 8 schools, with more than 200 children- high up in the mountains… Further down in the valley there will be a public celebration for an entire town Called Malacatos, on December 22 nd, in the park there. We will make a documentary video of all my December Events, where the joy will shine in children´s faces, children who always have dreamed of celebrating Christmas… You are welcome to support me in my December project. I have donation buttons on this blog and on all my Facebook Pages. Join the Fan Page ” Heart for a new LIFE Foundation”. There you can participate at our “Send a Christmas Card to the Children in the Andes” event…

The joy is in giving – and this is what Christmas is about for me. Be a LOVE DONOR – I work with those who need some extra attention,some LOVE… Enjoy the joy of giving. Soon you will also have the opportunity to enter a membership program for Hearts for a New Life Foundation. I am grateful for any feedback, question,offer or whatever is coming from your heart…PLEASE leave a small comment bellow…. For me Christmas means charity!!! – To give is my only TRU LOVE…. !!!

Always in LOVE with LIFE & YOU

–Founder and President Of Hearts For a New LIFE Foundation

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart


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Be You !

This is what Pearl Shanti posted on Facebook in November 2013, which gave an interesting response. This dialogue, including Pearl Shanti`s reply, is shared in this uplifting post:


” Everyone have the opportunity to find LOVE, Compassion and *THE* LIGHT….It is not far away,it NEVER is….It lies within us ALL……Just waiting to be discovered by YOU !!! “

Question from India:

“Srijit Iyer but how can i get acess, discover, connect with this Light. meditation puts me to sleep fast “

Reply from Pearl Shanti:

“Thank you for asking that ,Brother……. You can do it in so many ways, Srijit Iyer, in so many ways ….. Meditation, what is it … It’s not just sitting still with your eyes shut and chant Auuuuummmm …Your thoughts are your daily meditation …. Take control  over your own thoughts, they are created by you and not something that just pops up …thoughts are MEDITATION…And when you look into a beautiful landscape,or into a new born`s eyes,that is the purest meditation … When you are enjoying LIFE, having fun ,enjoying food or in company with your family, enjoying music or listening to birds singing,when you are in a dance or a trance , taste fruit,smell a flower – when you are eating food made for Gods – then you are in a state where you are OBSERVATIONS OF LIFE, THAT is a Meditation … Paying attention to everything is a GOOD start and a NUMBER ONE answer to your question… …We all have Access to everything in our self, for everyone to LOVE themselves and all in themselves, if you do not, then WE all have all the choices and the ability to change everything about oneself and in themself so ONE can thrive and SEE ONE`S value in ONE self .. DISCOVER……..Hmmmmm, ONE TIME you knew,….when you where newborn YOU came with the knowledge of how you where and what to be….Then you lived in an environment that gave you the habits that made you forget who you were and what you are … We all lived this EXPERIENCE….. And we ALL can take it back.. we can all RE-DISCOVER our self BACK to our origin, starting to DISCOVER who we are… LISTEN to YOU… YOUR LONGING….YOUR Heart…. Choose your LIFE,Thoughts, words, action , food , environment, lifestyle … Here LIES the keys to your questions … EVERYTHING IS IN YOU!!…. YOU are YOUR LIGHT !!!!

I am here to serve,my words are meant to GUIDE you into YOU!!! and to GIVE you your forgotten keyes back to YOU….


–Pearl Shanti

I am the Founder of the charity project Hearts for a New Life Foundation, and this charity helps young single mothers in Ecuador to make a new life for themselves, regarding education, work, living facilities, health and economy.
We are very happy if you are able to make a contribution – even 1 dollar can help us in our work.
You can donate here on this blog, the donation button is on the right side.

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An evening to remember, an opportunity to help – Una velada para recordar, una oportunidad para ayudar.

“Welcome dear. You are so lucky that you will get this blog post in two languages, English and Spanish .. Please Enjoy!”

Bienvenido estimado(a), usted es muy afortunado(a) que obtendrá esta entrada a la publicación en el blog en dos idiomas, inglés y español.. Por favor, disfrute!


I have an announcement to make – with the greatest gratitude.

In connection with the manifestation of my charitable company Hearts for a New Life Foundation, the association wants to send a very special and big thanks to Franco MagriniPaolo MagriniFilippo Gabriele Magrini Monti and Kiki Borghi and Mamma Silvia,at the Italian restaurant Mamma Silvia in Vilcabamba. A perfect place, run by this heart- warming family in an extremely  inclusive atmosphere – they give you the best service and their culinary food. They are at your service with all that you want -  whatever your health situation may be. They will meet you if you also have some special needs, typical Italian at it`s best in a First-Class Style. Franco never ceases to surprise the guests with his AMAZING creations and his tasty inventions.

Thank you for giving us room for our board meetings and the official opening, which was a first-class success. A warm thank you for EVERYTHING you are,Team of Mamma Silvia!

We also send our thanks to Banco ProCredit who came with their gifts and generous offer with many opportunities for cooperation and their future support.

We warmly thank all the good people at our professional team.

Also a very special thanks to Psychologist and Doctor Pablo Veintimilla  for documentation, research and statistics and his presentation.

We thank the team, Jhoe and Byron for the film documentary movie and all assistance.

We send a big thank you to our Taxi-driver,Julio Correa, who unstoppable has driven us around.

A big thank you to my AMAZING TEAM and Board of Directors: My Personal Chief Coordinator Roberto Melendez, our secretary Nataly Angamarca,our accountant Marcia Ramon Tamay and myself the Founder and President.

Everything is now registered and manifested. We are legally registered in Norway and Internationally, as well as newly registered in Ecuador.

We will soon announce the official opening of the charity, which will be held in Loja at our Fund Rising Gala Dinner Event at Grand Victoria Hotel in November 2013. This is the same day my book comes out in Spanish, 50% of the revenues of ALL my books will go to this charity. This Gala Dinner will have close to 300 guests, with 7 course vegetarian gourmet, created by the Italian Master chef from Mamma Silvia ,Franco Margini, and Grand Victoria’s own Master, the French inspired chef, Jorge Monuz.

Our one and only President Rafael Correa is invited as our Guest of honor at the Gala dinner – and we wish that he would give his BLESSINGS on the opening of this charity.

Tickets will soon start to be sold in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

We also have a very special team, our Gala event committee, which I will honor and send thanks to also.

Thank you all for supporting this very good and big heart vibration, with your help, we reach more than you think. Send your LOVE wave this way, it will be well received.

This has been a very special year with many gifts,and I know that the next 12  month will be even more special,there are more gifts where they are coming from!!!

I am here to serve and to give, but the more we have to thank for,the more  LOVE will WARM  and LIGHT our foundation Souls… Together, we will raise those who are in need, THANK YOU for being here with us and helping make this come trough  … And ,yes,it is you, since you are reading this,you are helping us to help others,please like,share and leave us some LOVE words , we are ONE BIG family LOVE  and community in a world worthwhile  LIVING for, where there is enough for everyone.

Always in LOVE with LIFE

and YOU

–Founder and President of Hearts For a New LIFE Foundation Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

home page :


You are welcome to make contact with my main sponsor agent Damian Valarezo
if you would like to be one of our sponsores,contact Marcia Ramon, our accountant.

[email protected]



Tengo un anuncio que hacer y con mucha gratitud.

En relación con la creación de mi empresa de caridad, la Fundación “Corazones para una Nueva Vida”, la asociación quiere enviar  un especial y grande GRACIAS a Franco Magrini, Paolo Magrini, Filippo Magrini , Kiki Borghi y Mamma Silvia, en el restaurante italiano MAMMA SILVIA en Vilcabamba, un lugar perfecto para cenar, a cargo de esta familia reconfortante en un ambiente inclusivo. Ofrecen el mejor servicio y la comida es deliciosa. Ellos están al servicio del abastecimiento para todas sus necesidades. Un restaurante italiano típico en su mejor momento y con un estilo de primera clase. Franco Magrini nunca deja de sorprender a sus invitados con sus creaciones sorprendentes.
Gracias por darnos un espacio para nuestras reuniones de la junta y la apertura oficial, que fue un éxito de primera clase. Un cálido agradecimiento a todo el equipo de MAMMA SILVIA.
Enviamos nuestro agradecimiento al Banco Pro-Credit que llegaron con regalos y una oferta generosa de cooperación y apoyo en el futuro
Damos las gracias a todos por la buena asistencia y a nuestro equipo de profesionales.
También un agradecimiento muy especial al psicólogo, Doctor Pablo Veintimilla por la  documentación, la investigación y las estadísticas que presentó.
Damos las gracias al equipo de producción (Jhoe y Byron) por la película – documental y toda su ayuda.
Enviamos un agradecimiento muy grande a nuestro conductor de taxi, Julio Correa por su paciencia incomparable.
Un agradecimiento especial a mi increíble equipo y a la Junta Directiva: Mi Jefe Coordinador de Personal: Roberto Melendez, nuestra secretaria Nataly Angamarca,  nuestra contadora Marcia Ramón y mi persona La fundadora / Presidenta.
Ahora todo está registrado y oficial, estamos legalmente registrados en Noruega así como aquí en Ecuador.
Pronto anunciaremos la apertura oficial de la Fundación, que se celebrará con nuestra recaudación de fondos, en la  Cena de Gala en el hotel GRAND VICTORIA en Loja, en la misma noche que mi libro se publicará en  español y se pondrá a la venta entre los asistentes, de los fondos recaudados el 100% de los ingresos se destinará a la organización benéfica.
Esta cena de gala contará con cerca de 300 personas, con 7 platos de cena vegetariana gourmet creados por el chef maestro italiano del restaurante MAMMA SILVIA, Franco Magrini y el propio Maestro del hotel GRAND VICTORIA, el chef de inspiración francesa, Jorge Muñóz.
Nuestro Presidente, el Ing. Rafael Correa es nuestro invitado de honor en la Cena de Gala y nuestro deseo es  que él pueda dar  su bendición en la apertura de esta Fundacion / caridad.
Las entradas estarán pronto a la venta a escala de Oro, Plata y Bronce.
También tenemos un equipo muy especial, nuestro comité de evento de gala, que voy a honrar y dar gracias en nuestra próxima reunión de La comisión  que se celebrará en el Hotel  GRAND VICTORIA el miércoles 10 de julio.
Gracias a todos por apoyar esta buena causa y, con su ayuda esperamos llegar a más personas de corazones grandes, envíe su ola  de AMOR, será bien recibida.
Gracias por estar aquí con nosotros y ayudar a hacer esto realidad. Son ustedes, (ya que usted está leyendo esto) quienes nos ayudan a ayudar a otros, por favor, comparte y déjanos un poco de amor…somos una gran familia, de amor y una comunidad mundial donde hay suficiente para todos.
Este ha sido un año muy especial, con muchos regalos donados, sé que los próximos 12 meses serán aún más especiales
Yo estoy aquí para servir y para dar más amor, calor y luz a nuestras almas especiales.

Si usted desea ser uno de nuestros patrocinadores “Lo invito a ponerse en contacto con mi Agente principal de patrocinadores, Damian Valarezo
,contacto Marcia Ramon, nuestro contadora.


JUNTOS vamos a levantarnos y dar esperanza a aquellos que están en necesidad, Siempre con AMOR, VIDA y USTED.

Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart
Fundación ” Corazones para una Nueva Vida ”

Lonely tears …

I am here to help you, was my words while I gently took her hand …

Crying, she leaned on my shoulder … She clung and put her face in my arms … The loneliness and longing for her deceased husband tore in her heart .. In LOVE, she had taken over their grandchildren, children from newborn and up to five, born of her own children in a too young age,some after been raped as young as 12 years old. The grandmother has taken to her heart the children the mother can not bring herself to LOVE,she her self,the young mother is only a child…

Sobbing, drowning her sorrowful tears, on my shoulders … She knows not if they have a home tomorrow, as they borrow the present house from her very old parents, which she is heir to … Her brothers come before her, she is left with nothing …. And this fear is growing stronger and stronger every day …

The sound of the pain in her tears, cuts my heart like serrated blade … At the same time I can see her delight in there, through the veil of tears …. She knows that from now on she and her grandchildren have found future,security and LOVE,she knows that THEY are FOUND…

While I hold her close in my arms, My Personal Chief Coordinator and assistant Roberto Melendez tells her what’s in store. She sighes relieved, knowing that her prayers are heard …

In her eyes I see her deepest LOVE, as this woman she has chosen to become, she gave up everything for her children and grandchildren after becoming a widow. For years, her heart felt loneliness. For years, her heart in paintears of sorrow sung her own heart song. But still,she would not have done it differently, her LOVE is her guide….

Many have judged and judgements continue … They call her poor and filthy… But the soul in her eyes, tells me that she is the richest, for out of LOVE, she is in this situation …She gave her LIFE to her heirs,now my team and I are here to give her a decent New LIFE and Support for her and her family … She told me her dreams yesterday, and they are now about to be fulfilled ……..
She are not crying alone anymore !!!!!! “

This is what I can reveal now, on my quest for my new registered charity project … More heart stories will come .. And we have worked fully to get everything settled before I go to Norway in a few days…. My AMAZING team is simply completely Wonderful with LOADS OF LOVE Miracles in their Hearts … This is my LOVE story … This is my LOVE, and nothing at ALL can surpass this amazing feeling, being able to provide a shoulder to cry on …

Stay close, for I have much more to tell …

PLEASE ….. Send your LOVE this way, your warm thoughts, frequency and vibration will provide LIGHT to lonely hearts which will give them the feeling of being LOVED by your UNIQUE GLOW ..

Help me to wipe away their tears,………..Thank you for GIVING me your LOVE and for leaving your LOVE SONG here with me …
I will soon come with photos, film and website…. This is ALL in the manifestation process …

Link to website: and on Facebook:


Always in LOVE
with LIFE
and YOU !!!

–Pearl Shanti