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The child is the man`s father…

This famous quote from William Wordsworth is very true and profound. Indeed I have a wonderful example of this from my own relationship with my son Leopold. As many of you know Pearl Shanti and Leopold moved to the village Vilcabamba in Ecuador last September. I saw them off to London. At that time they […]

*Until LOVE sets us FREE*

LOVE is LETTING GO!!! Read about our conscious choice, with the fact that we are no longer living as husband and wife! Usually,when two persons get married they make a vow: «Until death do us part…» When Andiran and I got married we both felt it was wrong to make this oath. Particularly since I […]

How to solve conflicts regarding children

Many times we get questions from parents regarding daily situations in their children`s lives. Here is one of these questions we received on our fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook. We have also shared a relevant incident in our own life at the end of this article. Question: Hello, I’ve been thinking a lot about […]