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Becoming a conscious parent – a new book by Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart

We are living in a time of great changes all over the world. For those who have eyes to see, there is a paradigm shift happening in every scientific field. This is also true when it comes to parenting. Conscious Parenting Paradigm ™ Parenting is the most important «job» in the world, yet it does still […]

Be the boss when you give birth – a want list to the birth clinic

Initially I wanted home birth, but for medical reasons this was not possible. I had to accept the facts, but still I wanted to be the boss – I wanted to do it my way. The health professionals were going to do what they were educated for….which was to assist me. To the Birth Clinic […]

Conscious conception

To make a baby is more than chance, as a random result and side -effect of intercourse. When we were contacted by a beautiful soul who called herself Chant Mabelle, we were delighted ! This was in May 2003, and we were living in the village of Masinagudi near Ooty in Southern-India. We felt honoured […]