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*The Crystal Essence is within you-It always was!!!*

By Pearl Shanti Lodur-Lionheart Note! (This letter is for YOU as well as for me-we are ALL in the same TRANSIT ) *Beloveds Angels on Earth – Please know that is your Blessing that this has been tough!!! * Many people have written to me while I myself had to take a break from the […]

The Fountain of Youth

Dearest Friend … THE ROAD TO GOOD HEALTH and becoming illuminated, everything can be healed; I have come across something that you most possibly new already, but want to share it with you anyway, of pure love, something amazing, the release of ALL blocks, patterns, poor memory, concentration, increases the prospects for deeper spirituality, freeing […]

When the voice of Silence told me to travel to the Andes

  I LOVE living timeless and go where I am needed. At the same time I was prepared that I would be in my safe little self-contained World for a long time,with my husband and my children,high up in the mountains of Norway, with it`s pristine nature,fresh water and it`s Divine, peaceful silence where I […]